City 17 looks like prague

Yea, it does. The cables and especially the buildings. Were you actually looking for places/pics that resembled City17 or did you just find those posted somewhere? Cool find though.
yeah.. I was looking for pics that resemle city 17 the most. Google 0wnz
It looks just like any europen city, not anyone in particular. It can be Amsterdam, Stockholm, Prauge, Berlin etc etc.
Valve has stated it's supposed to be a blend of many european cities and Praque was one of them if I remember correctly.

I dont think you can put a name on City 17. The architechture may be the same but im sure its a unique city on its own. They were inspired by european can't pinpoint it to one city alone.
PC GAMES: "The game takes place in City 17, "a hodge-podge of all our favorite northern European towns" particularly Budapest and Prague with a dash of Amsterdam thrown in for good measure. This north-eastern European town comes complete with industrial areas, a downtown and a variety of outlying areas"

"a hodge-podge of all our favorite northern European towns"
was a direct quote