Counter Strike 1.6 GunGame Mod Server (video)


Sep 25, 2014
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Counter Strike 1.6 Gungame mod, it is most agressive gameplay mod of cs 1.6, usually fight in the short distance also usually under crossfire, level base mod you start with basic weapon glock, objective is to get a kill with every weapon in the game until win the game, if you never play gungame before i share sample videos below, good cs 1.6 gungame server, without slow-hack, best maps, only gungame and fy_ maps, eu location ovh hosted. friendly admins, server do not allow every unfair script, like bhop or strafe hack and who use script directly get permanent ban.

server ip:

gametracker link:

Competitive game for hopeless hardcore gamers, counter strike 1.6 gungame mod server offers anough satisfaction for every gamer. fun always good with this mod may be old style avarage graphic but one of best counter strike mod ever, if you want an old school cs 1.6 gungame server like old times visit our server, admin free with lesss conditions, whoever prove yourself that he server player, so own admin rights and can punish chaters with with ban, there is anough good map most short distance fight-yard maps also some maps from old times. Releated files are present in the our clan forum or who ever wants to remember old times again can visit our official clan forum
We are also looking social media partners and marketing specialist and who wants to skill developmetn with releated subjects our community help you.
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this gungame server still active from 7 years
too bad not much interest for a good cs 1.6 gungame server, i hope all played enough for cs:go
play 3-4 gungame maps really good fun