Cutted Alien Img



I cut this alien out,
so lot's of you can use this for their images.

what did you use ? photoshop ? if so can you mail a link to the psd ? or mail it to me ? please dont post the link here causs I prolly will never find it again forum is to darn big..ofcourse you can mail it to me and post it here for other people

mail = [email protected]
I will create a PSD one,
but PS is a crap program :p

But I will give an PSD :)
ok first off ty for putting in the effort

secondly ps is not a crappy program :cheese:
hahah, I can't believe the nerve of some people really. How could someone say PS is a crappy program? No respect for a quality program, I tell ya. But nice work on the alien, dude.