CWMP Renders: SVD

My opinion is there doesnt need to be that much "round" to certain parts...It looks too bubbly.

Tell me if you dont get what I mean, I will try and explain in futher detail.

But great work so far :) Cant wait to see the finished product!
I think everything can atleast have double the amount off detail. cuz the polygon limti wasnt a technical limit but rather a design limit. (from one of the interviews) so you can use pretty high reso models
Yes...Even I.... think It's too round, and the stock should be parts should be welded together...

Other than that It's nice to see someone actually put the Bi-pod onto the Dragnuat SVD
yeah, the ends will proberly welded a little better....

do most people not include the bipod?
nope, they usually, just have the rifle... I suppose with the added bi-pod, that u'll have it deployable when prone, for better accuracy?

* Stone smiles nicely at the Kind man *

I think it might just appear to be round because of the render may be in smooth shaded. Have any flat-shaded renders?