Dr. Rosenberg's cut appearance in Half-Life: Blue Shift


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Jun 11, 2004
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We recently discovered a series of entities that reveal a cut appearance of Dr. Rosenberg, a scientist character who appears in the Half-Life expansions Blue Shift and Decay, both developed by Gearbox Software.

According to our findings, Rosenberg was to appear along with his friend Harold during Blue Shift's introduction. Harold is another scientist character who reveals to Barney Calhoun the plan he had formed with his colleagues to escape from Black Mesa before dying. He is also briefly mentioned by Rosenberg in Decay.

During the tram ride, the player can see two scientists in a cafeteria alongside the transit system's track. The internal entity names for these characters are "Rosenburg" and "Harold". When the player passes by, Harold walks to Rosenberg's table and initiates a short conversation.

Rosenberg uses a different character model and is completely unrecognizable. In addition, they use generic scientist lines by Harry S. Robins from the original game instead of newly recorded lines, both being voiced by Jon St. John in the expansion.

It should be noted that Robins provided the placeholder dialog for Rosenberg. It is possible that this scene is a leftover from that era. Here is a transcript of their conversation.

Harold (SC_HELLO6)
Missing sentence.

Rosenberg (SC_HELLO8)
Missing sentence.

Harold (SC_PQUEST7)
Any ideas on the origin of that new sample?

Rosenberg (SC_ANSWER0)
I am not at all sure.

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