Eli Vance = Bill Cobbs


May 6, 2003
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I knew which actor Eli looked like when I saw him the first time but I couldn't remember the name, thanks to s2m|GC for reminding me. :)

Check the attachment for a comparison, don't they look alike? :D
And we can't forget the striking resemblance between the new Barney and a fat Robert Downey jr, but I'm too lazy to dig up a good pic of Barney. :O
LMAO. but bill doesn't have a missing leg and glass-like eyes.
hahaha god bless you bill cosby and morgan freedom...

never heard of bill cobbs, but yes, he looks exactly like eli vance
For some reason i can´t stop thinking of that huge thing of a nose Eli has. Hit with a shovel or wtf?
A large nose is a typical characteristic of a person who has close African origins, just as people of Japanese/Chinese origin have very distinguishable eyes.

Oh and the new look Barney - Matthew Broderick look-a-like?

i think he looks more like john cusack or denis lawson.....(i think thats his name) its the guy who played wedge antilles in star wars heh
Bill cobbs is going to sue Valve's asses if they didn't get permission to that :D

but hell yeah...it's pretty close looking...