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May 15, 2003
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here are the final renders of the g36k one of my team's modeler's did for our mod. (check out the rest of our site and sign up in our forums at www.cw-meltingpoint.com)


even though there isnt a wireframe posted, it looks like there are alot of wasted polygons there, and also the model looks to be not completely a correct representation of the gun. I think with a little more work it would be fantastic. (my reference pics could be completely wrong so u may just ignore my post )
if he wasted polygons, i dont know where....that model is only 600, so he can easily add more if he wants....

ik belive this is the picture he used for reference...

Good ol Security Arms photos. Too bad you can't save them anymore. That was truly, thee, site for reference materials pertaining to firearms.

Nice model none the less. Typical design for realism mods these days, but it's only for performance's sake.
if you look @ the weaponmodels In HL² then you will notise that the weapon that you hold is model that has 2000/3000, however the weapons that you see on the grount or the weapons that you see in other players hands are very low poly models. 600/800
Originally posted by EVIL
if you look @ the weaponmodels In HL² then you will notise that the weapon that you hold is model that has 2000/3000, however the weapons that you see on the grount or the weapons that you see in other players hands are very low poly models. 600/800

heh, never noticed that ^_^, good find
Most likely for E3 performance. The last thing a developer needs is his product bogging out on him in front of an audience.

hmmm, I think I've spotted the problem with you G36K model, it's not a G36K....

I can see where the mistake has been made, what with it being modeled from an image of the weapon in pieces, but it looks as though the modeller has not had any other images as refenerance, as they have not modelled the weapon together correctly... other than that and the wasted polygons, and its squareness, it's quite good, looks quite original really?!?

Sorry, If i seem to be wineing, but the thread caught my eye, as I am currently the lead modeller for Operation: Everlasting Shadow, where the main characters weapon is the G36C, (the compact version of the G36K..), pictured below

Another point is, that the seeings as your Mod is based on NATO, I thought I'd inform you that the standard weapon used by NATO is the L85a1, and the G36 is utilised by American Police forces and the like
hrm... some of your info is wrong....

and some of mine is too.
it is actually a G36E, my bad.

I still dont understand wher eyou are seeing wasted polygons. It is ony a little more 600 polies, so if anyhting, it's missing them....

Also, if you check the mod info on our site (www.cw-meltingpoint.com) when you select NATO as your side and Rifleman as your class, you have options for your weapons. right now we will have at least the M16A3, L85, G36E. proberly more. maybe.
oh yeah, we chose the M16A3 cause no one want 3-shot burst aperently :/

That Weapon imige is totaly cool i love it :)....Keep up the good work
hmmm, thanks Gooch, and Sidewinder, I've see you've FINALLY updated the site to a new look :p
and there's some nice images on there too
Yeah. now we have a decent looking site. ;)
We will have more renders up soon, our modelers were hard at work while i was away :)
Hrm, i figure i better link the images to here for ya'll lazy people

and yes, i'm from the semi-south, so i can say ya'll


the SA80 is the best looking model IMHO. looks very clean and detailed for a low poly model
Thanks.... Your mind might change in a few days however, cause the FN2000 is pretty darn nice looking.
Lets start with the front view


We got the barrel, way to many sides... a 3rd person model should have no more than 6 sides and no less than 3

High poly ones goes for max 10 but should be 8

The handle hole there, to much extruding to make it look detailed, textures are details and its almost a non viewable area anyways

The aim or something on top of the handle is to round, you could save alot of polygons doing that part right

The hole on the side is a texture thing to

now to the other view


Top of the aim thing, to many extrusions on the model that is unessesary and bring ups polycount that isnt really needed.

Handle is extruded on a part that doesnt really need it

Still the hole in the side

And the barrel again

the handle by the trigger, looks like a circle or a really wasted box, way to many faces on that part. you should be able to do it useing.... 10 polygons

thats what I could drag out that should be redone for better performance
It's not my model.... but look at the new pics... scroll down some....

this is not to be disrespecting the modeler, think of it rather as help to improve. All the marked areas are high poly areas that is basicly way to high. You have to think textures, do this detail need to be here??? textures makes the models seem whole, rounder and more detailed. So dont model in everything.... I know alot of people here thinks screw polycount, but remember there are alot of weapons going into one frame in the end. So keep it easy


this is a 3rd person weapon I did for a raven shield mod
its 150 polygons


and if we could get that ressult on 150 polygons, think about it when I do the 1000 polygon models :D

so think of it as a whole, the model is only half
True. Thats another reason why we could use you on the team :)

but i beleive the model itself is still below 1000 polys, which is accepable for many older generation games.

i'll forward your crits to the modeler.
ask him to take a work screen with the polygon counter up so I can see the polygon number... I personally think that model is way over 1000 polygons
I agree with you whole heartedly there Chris, that's why i'm despratly searching for a skinner or texture artist for my own models....
And CWMP could use you too.... ;)

he use lightwave, i'm not sure if there is a similar thing.... but if there is, i'll try and get back to you.

also, right now we don't have a dedicated skinner, so the models themselves need to look good for the time being.... :)

and i agree with you too, dont get me wrong.
Sidewinder, we must sound like a right pair, we're basically both on hands and knees, cry and moaning to get this guy, and he's probably on a team already (and if he aint he damn well should be :p).... lol :p