Gabe's Interview



Few weeks ago I tried downloading an interview with gabe.
My download stopped and I can't seem to find that file again.
If anyone could help me out and post a link to the file I will be grateful.
Dont be annoying and answer the guys question

(I cant do it because I dont know where to find dah file)
I gave Murno the file (small too: only 6megs) so that he could give it out, but so far haven't heard anything from him.
I did, as a matter of fact this is where I downloaded it in the first time.
unfortunatly, it isn't there anymore
Thanks but it is not what I search for
From the first MBs i remember Gabe saying something about how difficult was it to not being able to show others his creation and having to hide it from others
If anyone has that video file or know where to get it from, please post here.
It's not what I'm searching for but thanks for the help
BTW I did try the google search, and did not have much luck
I guess I have to asking the mIRC channel to put the file back again if they can.
thanks nietzsche!
that file youre sending me is the one i was looking for
thanks again!