Half-Life 3!



ive just re-read the pc gamer exclusive feature on hl2 and near the end pc gamer state: Gabe also told us that after september 2002 valve "cut anthing that wasn't ready... to be used in Half-Life 3".:eek:

apparently they cut it after september 2002 because that was when they completely finished the engine and there working on content now, which is all the levels

mmm hl3 :p imagine the possiblitys with that, all the stuff that couldnt make it to hl2.:afro:
please dont start a "what will happen in HL3" thread, the ones about HL2 are already starting to do my nut an mess up my exam revision!!!
Wow Half-Life 5 could be released at some point!

'Cuz if they make a sequel to Half-Life 2, and then make one to Half-Life 3, and then make one to Half-Life 4, there'll be a Half-Life 5!

Oh my God! Imagine the screenshots! I think I've just come my ****ing pants.

**** off.
oh well there wen the last of my knowlage....

looks like i will be retaking my first year at uni!!
lol, don't start talking about HL3, I haven't even been able to get my head over the quality of the new movies + screens! Not to mention the mind numbing theories of what could happen in HL2...*drools*
Oh *looks dejected*

Now I don't want a Halflife 3 to come out just so I can make fun of whoever bought the webspace.
valve took half-life3.com
it is not "empty"
Well we can only hope that if Half-Life 2 is a great as it looks then we will get another sequel.. I just hope we don't have to wait another 4 years for it.
They gotta quit it sometime

I think It shoudnt go past three, cuz its like starwars and the matrix and shit you know? If it goes to 4, we'll just go crazy. And they cant bust a Final Fantasy thing either, cuz its already too late for that kinda thing...
then wut would valve do...full-life? or just cool sci-fi games...i guess that would make sence but valve is specificly known for half-life..i agree that i would like them to stop at 3...all good things must come to an end...unlike FF which i havent played since FF7 when PS why the best console...but i have full confidence in valve and trust they will do the right thing reguardless of wut we say or think. KiNG has spoken.
i honestly think HL sequels should end. At least for Gordon Freeman that is... maybe a new character. Another blue shift?
yea thats a good point, then we can do opforces again and stuff and be a combine soldier, man wut will valve think of next...does anyone think im holdin vavle in to high of a place...i mean their right next to my dad or somfin..:dozey:
I dont beleive in god but I believe in VALVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheese: :cheers: :bounce:
Haha Vavle actually booked it... Half-Life 2 is taken by thems too, expect it'll be up soon :) hopefully better than the HL1 site :(

[EDIT] Hey! HL 1 2 and 3 .com are all the same? Just placeholders I suppose...
I can imagine the same addon packs again

They proly will do another blue shift, and op-for, but I bet they wont be as cool, I think it'l just be a lame way of making money. Its like what Taco bell did. Came out with Chicken quesadilla, then you KNOW they were gonna come out with a steak one, and make a huge ass deal about it. Its lame, and they charged more money. BTW, has valve made any other games besides the half-life series?
You'll please note that Vavle usually don't make their own expansions - Gearbox did. I reckon they'll be good if done... when done, but seeing from the trailer it'd be hard to match up to the original :)