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Story :::

Date - June 20, 2010 -- Eastern USA

"Dark Entrance to War"

They have escaped. The Mutants. The Monsters. The Undead. The undead project was an experiment lead by the department of defense to fight against homeland attacks without losing american lives. The scientists hired for the project developed a array of creatures from dead bodies and used genetic cell diffusion to create whole new life forms. These creatures were supposed to stay in captivity until needed, but on a stormy spring night they escaped the research facility by force, causing destruction in all the neighboring towns as they stretched across the nearby terrain. As soon as they could, the marines moved in, but were eliminated by the overwhelming force of the undead. The Army and the Air Force have been deployed, and ever since the undead escaped, panic has entered the hearts and minds of the free world.

"The Resurrection of Terror"

It's now the middle of September, and everything has been fine... until now. Some time ago, a group from the 3rd infantry division was attacked by the undead; a sneak attack consisting of hundreds of undead. They swarmed our outpost, bringing fear and doubt into the generals' minds. This newer, bolder attack upon a military position has been the first in a deadly series of operations conducted by the undead horde.

Months later...

We have pushed the undead as far back as we could. They are now pinned down in woods, houses, and other buildings, but we cannot advance on them. If we advance, we are dead. Now, we just wait. We are waiting for the Elite 5. The crew that was trained in the highest marksmanship, equipped with the most advanced weaponry, practiced the best stealth tactics, and worked as a squad. These men will infiltrate the undeads' dwellings and, hopefully, destroy them. Anxiously, we await their success or failure.

The Resurrection Mod Team is asking for help. We need talented AND experienced modelers, animators, and skinners. If you have talent in any of these sections and our dedicated come to #theresurrection on GamesNET. Our post in our forums at

We currently have 3 members on the team.


Edit: This Mod is for Half-Life 2
Hi. This is my first post man! Woohoo! Anyway, I am currently working for another mod team, Colossus, but i could probably make a weapon for you. I'll check your site and see what I can do. I just LOOOOVE helping mod teams!