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Jul 27, 2005
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It is almost October which means exactly what you are thinking. It is the absolute best time of the year. Witches are concocting their witchy brews, black cats are just being cute and victims of a horrible stigma (if you have the means to adopt, please consider adoption for a black cat, they are fantastic friends and just as loving as any other feline friend and still subject to archaic hate) and I am slapping my nuts. Yeah that's right boils and ghouls: S P O O K T O B E R I S H E R E

So, what's going on?

Provided someone can pick up the slack or I stick to my word, I plan on streaming horror films and random halloween bumpers of all kinds on Discord, be they horror comedies like Basketcase or the Critters series, or the recently released They Came From The Desert (based on the game. yes), the mystery/whodunnit style of The Thing and From Beyond and Suspiria, or even just kicking back with everyone's favorite back woods boy Joe Bob Briggs. I've never done any kinda of butt ass shit like this but i love October, it is my most favorite month of the year, ever, of all time. So, I love to put up the tea lights and skeletons and the nice pumpkins and such. SO, if you enjoy this month as much as I do whether you be a casual viewer, a gorehound, or someone that enjoys the really weird world of Italian directors like Lucio Fulci, October is upon us.

With all of this said, submit your horror art, ideas for movies for The Stream, or even your own REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES.

My name is Willie. I am a gigantic shitposter. I welcome you to October, bitches. Now, get to spooking a month in advance,


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I thougt this migh't be something fun, but I guess I was wrong. No one is here to keep the creep s;png.