Hostile Freedom


May 14, 2003
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I' am here to announce a new game, mod rather, being made using Source Technology developed by Valve Software. Hostile Freedom is a game taking place in the Hammerstein Universe, an epic tale in a criminally charged setting of guerilla warfare under brutal and extreme conditions. Players assume the roles of either the Stygian criminal uprising or the Opanara marine corporation.

The year is 2120 and Earth is over-populated with half of the population being involved with crime. The Solid Arm, a board of world executives, began the production of Hammerstein for one purpose: to have a place where every convict caught can be exported and forgotten about. Once completed, Hammerstein went global with over $20, 000, 000 in marketing campaigns and advertisements. The ads seemed to work because some of the most notorious criminals came out of hiding and turned themselves in, hoping to establish a new life on Hammerstein. Now with Earths crime rate fairly managable, Hammerstein is exploding left and right with crime. The defense unit stationed on Hammerstein are constantly being fired upon by convicts from unknown positions with custom made weapons. Where and how they acquired these weapons is currently unknown, however, with the amount of resouces found on Hammerstein, it was likely that weapons and other technologies were going to be developed.

A military armada has been deployed and are onroute to Hammerstein to try to maintain order, however, with criminals nothing is ever guaranteed. With no rules of engagement to follow, the Opanara Marine Corporation are out to kill and are equipt to wage an epic guerilla war with the hostiles on the surface of Hammerstein.

As an Opanara marine your objective is to establish a defensive perimetre and setup a base of operations once you land on Hammerstein. This is no easy task as Stygian hostiles are hiding in the shadows, underground and in buildings waiting to ambush the next ship that comes into orbit.

All Opanara marines are given Class-3 Spitfire assault rifles, 9mm Zues pistols, fragmentation grenades and more than enough ammunition. Additional supplies and equipment can be dropped off by Heather Nova Dropships if a commanding officer gives the go ahead. Other firearms can be pre-selected via, Access, a revolutionary technology for marines which allows them to connect directly to homebase while on the battlefield using an interface which displays in the right corner of their helmet-visor. The selected firearms will be sent down with the next supply ship.

Note: Supply ships will land periodically, allowing surviving players to arm and heal themselves. Players will see them coming in from the sky and land somewhere in the map. In-game scripted events will allow this and many other actions possible in Half-Life 2 modifications.

Opanara marines are required to fight till death. If you run, any ranking marine is then given the right to terminate you. Your job is to not ask why, but to do and die.

All marines are given vehicle access; dropships, combat tanks and battle jeeps are provided for marines to utilize if neccessary. Engineers are provided with the tools to conduct repairs on these vehicles if they are required.

The combative strength of the Stygian hostiles is unknown. Weapons and equipment that are being used by them are unknown as well. What is known is that these hostile convicts have nothing to lose and will do anything to take down their enemy. Many of these men and women on Hammerstein have murdered hundreds--no marine will be sparred.

This is a generally a multi-player game with customizable options. A single player portion is unlikely, but the story and characters are in place; it's a matter of execution.

Hostile Freedom is currently seeking 2d/3d artists and a webpage designer. If you are interested in this project or would like to know more, please contact me at: [email protected] - or ICQ at: 89605737

I haven't included features yet because I'm not sure as to what exactly the Source engine can do. Some ambitious, if you can call it that, features are planned.
wow. that is really well thought out etc...

I've been wanting to mod something along those lines, the whole futuristic urban warfare thing. Maybe we can work together or something. If u use AIM im me (SN in profile)

sounds great!
Well it is currently just me on the development team. A co-designer would be great, however, you must posess a vivid vision of what war may be like in the future. The time period is not that of Star Trek, but a reasonable time where new technology is being invented and old technology enhanced. Halo's gameplay has inspired this project and an understanding of what Halo is and tries to achieve is also a must.

The setting is very extreme as it involves constant fighting. The main premise is to take back control of Hammerstein, the world's first penal colony. With this new technology (Source engine) I want to create a battlefield that is always alive with ambience and action; be it soldiers dying and screaming, ships flying in and leaving, explosions going off and so on. The full, futuristic, battlefield experience is what I want to accomplish.
ever see Public Enemy mod for the original halflife? it's the same kind of "futuristic urban warfare" thing.
kinda... PE is heavily besed upon the matrix and blade runner tho...

I have some concept art and shit leftover from my old JK2 mod (Disposable Freedom, closed due to the non released SDK)... i'll make a design doc sometime for my mod, once my friend and I sit down and work on it (we only have four months haha)
This seems very well thought out, and i think that the experience will be very fast paced and have the feeling of being under presure - very nice :)
i have contacted you wiht a PM and through icq - awating reply :)
Nostramadus, I didn't get any authorization requests. Are you sure you punched in the number correctly?
hmmm yeah im pretty wure..if yor name is empire on icq?
otherwise my icq number is: 110572053
Weapons Update

-Zues 9mm (Opanara)
-Defender 9mm (Stygian)

Sub Machine Gun:
-Iron Signal 9mm (Opanara)
-Warcheck 9mm, double barrel (Stygian)

-Tactical Dropshot (Opanara)
-Infinitum Spec E2 (Stygian)

Assault Rifle:
-Spitfire 7.62mm (Opanara)
-Ender 7.62mm (Stygian)

-Zues 2 50 cal (Opanara)
-Hammertech 50 cal (Stygian)

-EMP Grenade (Opanara)
-Spitfire FC-6 Grenade (Opanara)
-R70 Smoke Grenade (Opanara/Stygian)
-CE Grenade (Stygian)
-Ender FC-6 Grenade (Stygian)

-Atinium Combat Armor (Opanara)
-Nergi v2 Battle System (Stygian)
-Classic Kevlar (Opanara/Stygian)
-Stopec Cover (Opanara/Stygian)

-Infrared glasses (All)
-Nightvisionary glasses (All)
-Rizor Console - Hacking device (Stygian)
-Access ver 3.0 (Opanara)

Full specs and descriptions will be available on the website once it goes live.
Sounds cool!

What sort of multiplayer where you thinking of? Like what happens when you die/is there any goal/will it be played in rounds/would maps be involved or just one giant map?
All of that and other information will be available on the website. The site is in the works as we speak and should be available sometime soon.

But quickly; when you die you have a choice: To either die and restart over (stats, weapons, progress will be wiped clean) or to [wait] to be medevaced. Waiting may take awhile depending on what is currently going on in the battlefield.

Players are able to setup mini-bases around the map, here players can respawn (if they chose to die) resupply, call for support and whatever else. This will eliminate the rounds. Wins will be determined by the total eradication of the opposing team. And/Or also the completion of the various objectives. Maps will also be available for variety and will encompass new experiences.

I was thinking about a fixed sniper rifle but with a twist. The gun is not handled by a human, but by a computer controlled mount. The operator sees what the rifle sees through the computer terminal - as was shown in the tech demo, this would be possible (stick a camera on top of the rifle and then have a display).

The actual use of the rifle would be the same as usual mouse to look around, primary fire to shoot. The rifle could be located in a raised position on top of an Opanara base, either with room for one marine or none at all, with all control being done at ground level. A difficulty could be animating the camera to move in time with the players mouse movement.

Case ejection is kinda like a torpedo tube. The red piece at the back of the rifle (the smaller bit) would be forced back by the round being fired and the case ejected when it reaches as far as it can go.

Reloading could be missed out, with just a limited amount of bullets and a low rate of fire to compensate the lack of reload.

Its just an idea, i think it would be a nice change, if it could be implemented, from the standard sniper rifle
Indeed, games need a change. And this is a nice idea. The Source engine can do a lot and I want to explore it as much as I can because i believe games should evolve. We should do more drastic things rather than the same old crap that is only enhanced with graphics and sound.
Grenade idea


Player holds nade by the thinner part. Blue button arms grenade.
Each 'hump' on the wider part of the nade contains 20 ball bearings, 24 humps around the nade = 240 ball bearings.


After the blue button is pressed, the red base light comes on straight away but after that there is a one second wait before the timer strip comes online (all colours). The green light goes out after 1 second, then the yellow, orange, red. This give a total of 5 seconds from arming to explosion.

Heh, that is a nice idea too. One question; how big is the grenade? The entire thing?

Also are you currently working on any projects?
Smoke grenade


Held around the middle, this area is compressed for the grenade to become active. Grey parts store the smoking agents.


When the middle is gripped tightly, two tubes pop out of each grey area. This tubes have numerous pores to allow the smoke to diffuse out.
lol sorry i didnt see your comment underneath the grens.

No i'm not working on anything, but i cant model, do maps or anything like that. I cant really draw either lol. The only thing i'm any good at is coming up with ideas
All games start on paper. You have a unique vision and I would love to have you onboard, if you're interested that is?
lol wow yeah sure! i would like to be a part of it. 1 problem tho, over the next 2 weeks i have exams so i mite be lacking from the forums for a bit. But i will try and get on as often as possible :)
First official map - The introduction level:

Operation: Stolen Beach

"Alright marines, search every square foot of this place. There must be surivors some where around here."

"Yes, sir!"

"Roger that"

After an hour of hard searching, a marine comes across a journal. But this wasn't your ordinary journal, it was digital and unfolded into the size of a pizza pocket.

"Sir, look at this--it looks like a console of some sort"
"Interesting. Hmm, what's that corporal? A switch?"

"Yes sir"

"Hit that switch for me soldier, double time"

"Yes sir"

There we were, standing tall and together on the shoreline of the only beach found on Hammerstein. I remember holding two beers in my hand at the time of the incident and yet I can't remember who was there with me. The waves, from a distant, seemed small and harmless, but as they got bigger we knew that they had arrived. I stood there watching as the Opanara marines came sailing in with guns drawn and ready to fire. There was about 15 boats in the water and 5 drop ships in the air. It seemed hopeless to fight back because of the strength the marines posessed. But I wasn't about to be executed so I quickly ran to my station and loaded up the MG400 and waited patiently for the first wave of marines to exit their well armored boats. To the left I could see my friends getting slaugtered by machine gun fire from the ships mounted machine gun and bombs going off just a few feet from me. The last breath of life escaping my team mates throat haunted me as I stood violently shaking in my pill box. The door opened and the marines came pouring out; I fired but couldn't hit anything //transmission CORRUPT runerror.dat >/end/

Over a secure radio network
"Sir, this transmission is shot."

"Affirmative, Gabe, prepare the troops for advancement"

'Yes sir"

"Alert 3rd Infantry Battalion of our findings. We may be in for a big surprise"


"And call in for some hardware. We may need it"
"Already done"

The 1st Airborne Battalion, a special division out of the Opanara Marine Corporation, were the second to land on Hammerstein. After a few hours of ground reconnaissance they stumbled upon the battleground where the beach invasion took place. Distorted radio communications led the 1st Airborne Battalion to the site and now that they are here, they cannot see nor hear anyone in distress. The radio message told of extreme amounts of hostiles coming from the North. And according to the map, there isn't much in the North except for various mining holes. And it was impossible for any living thing to survive in those holes because of the intense plethora of chemical reactions and explosions going off. However, with a set of gas masks, anyone could walk through it without being affected.

'Sir, you might want to check this out"

"What is it soldier?"

"These are Opanara-grade respiration masks"

"Interesting. Well, the Delta Shield 019 dropship was ambushed and attacked."


"This ship contained a few hundred convicts, a healthy abundance of supplies, equipment and firearms."
"These masks were suppose to be distributed amongst the Hammerguards incase of a chemical attack"

"But, why would a con need one?"

"Wait a second"
"Jenna 67, 1st Airborne Battalion sergeant, Thorn, requesting an immediate 3d grid of the northern sector"

"Roger that Sergeant Thorn, uploading now"

"See this zone here? This is a large mining shaft that was used to retrieve metallic resources for the construction of Hammerstein"
"Over the years these shafts broke out, branching an underground labyrinth. It is possible that the cons started to dig them even deeper and used them as quick access tunnels to escape a possible fight or just used them as shortcuts"
"Whatever the case is, we need to get down there and see what the hell is going on. No one could strike and then dissappear in under 10 minutes. We were here almost immediately and in every other direction is nothing but open grass and water. So they must have ran into the mine shafts. That is our mission"

"Sir, incoming drop ship"

"Defender Shield 20-13 preparing to land. Glad to see some friendlies on this hostile planet"

"We are glad to see you too 20-13. You are clear to land"

Operation: Stolen Beach
Map: Invasion
Objectives: Opanara Marines must invade a beach held by Stygian hostiles. The beach is needed because it is critical for advancement into Hammerstein. Once the beach is taken they then must enter the mine shafts and blow it.
Stygian hostiles must prevent the invasion at all costs. If all else fails, fall back into the mine shaft and protect it from being blown.
Wow that sounds ace!

Will Hostile Freedom be like other mp mods, where maps are selected at random, or will the maps be sequenced to tell the story?
I'm going for a story based multi-player game. Where you can play out the events you read in the story. So it would be better to read the entire story first, then play the game. But it will be designed in a way where it tells the story through the game.

For example; you can play Operation: Stolen Beach because it sounds cool in the story. And then skip some operations and play Operation: Hard Miss because you like the way it ends. The players can play it however they choose.
Sounds like a bloody good idea! I really think that this is the way to go. Keep up the good work!:cheese:

Upward/Downward motion controlled by large blade in the middle, Forward/Reverse by jet engines at the back, Jets on the bottom of the vessel are for hovering on the ground (so landing is not an issue during quick drops)

Oh and Stitch, i put a grenade design in the Models/Skins section, thread is called 'Grenade' :)
Nice design. With some tweaking and polishing, I think this could be the final concept for the drop ship. It's nice to have some help on this project in terms of design. I'm still only on the large story, missions, characters, names and gear part--ideas of how the vehicles will look and behave are also floating around.

Maybe: See where those two parallel supports connect the front with the back? Next to the large fan? Maybe if you make the fan smaller and those wider, they can be used as passages to get from the cockpit to the back. We can also put some mounted machine guns in those corridors for the marines to use. The passages don't have to be huge, but just enough to get from the front to the back easily.
Excellent. Right on target. Ha, that rotar can be used as a weapon too. Land on some convicts and cut them to pieces. :)
Looks good; Halo-ish. And considering that is one of my main inspirations for this project, I like it.
do the stygian get any vehicles.. or is it just hand made butter knifes vs the worlds greatest millitary ?!!
I was kinda thinking of Mad Max style vehicles for the Stygians; main, basic body shape of a car or something with bits of sheet metal welded on. Possibly a person riding shotgun on the back.
You have to remember, Hammerstein is a prison that holds engineers, scientists, bounty hunters, technicians; basically every type of job in existence. They went mad for some reason and are now on Hammerstein. Also the planet is like Earth and has the resources to make anything. Over the years corporations and organizations have emerged and are beginning to revolutionize the planet with their own technology. Some of the less important Stygian hostiles resort to old abandoned technology, vehicles and so on and so forth.

The website is online too--it's still incomplete with information and content, but it is online. So don't expect too much from it.
Sounds very cool indeed. And you can ignore the part of the email I just sent you about the website, that one looks neat. But if you need any help with dynamic programming/database stuff let me know. This stuff is pretty inspiring so I may come up with some concept art of my own if you don't mind. -Noodly