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May 23, 2003
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Well i thought i might be able to get some good input here and i am not the most, how to say, in the know of everything computer hardware wise as i have my brother inform me about everything that is happening in that scene. I am getting a new graphics card here and was wondering what some opinions of what i should get, and maybe some reviews and comparisons to other cards would be.

My specs:
2.4 ghz P4
256 mb DDR (i am upgrading to either 512 or 768)
Gigabyte Motherboard (p4 Titan 667 Series, 8PE667 Ultra)
Geforce 2 MX 400 64 MB

I dont want to spend 400 dollars on a card so like the FX is out and it supposedly sux anyway. Right now, i am between the Geforce 4 TI4600 and the ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, i have always been a nVidia person but i have been reading about how this Radeon is better. I bought one in the past but it had so many compatibility issues i returned it. I was wondering what you think about either of these or maybe some other ones that are better taht are in that price range.

Here is the Lowest Priced Radeon I have found

I cant find where i found that Geforce 4 at but i found a G4TI4600 for 200 so within and around that range. Thanks for the help guys :)
What games do you play with that ATI, have you had compatibility errors?
Splinter Cell, Morrowind, bunch of older games (Baldur's Gate, Torment). Plus new one is Vice City, I didn't have any errors with new drivers, everything is okie dokie. So my computer is not even used that much, no new games uses it to the fullest.
I would wait until HL2 comes out before upgrading prices will drop more by then.
That is a good point, which cards should i be looking out for to drop though?
tahst what i'm doing, i'm waiting for hf2 then upgrading when i have the cash and when everything is cheeper
I would go for an ATI 9700 Pro.

I believe Valve is optimizing HL2 first and foremost for the ATI cards. So that would probably be your best bet.
I'd say wait a little while longer, and then buy an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. That's what I'm getting, at least. I can't wait to try that thing out on Half-Life 2....can't....wait....a few....months....gah!

i might get the new one from nVidia as it would better suport other games, some games are exclusive to nVidia, HL2 said it wouldn't be favour either nVidia or ATI
I dont want to get the FX because i have been reading about how it is really not that good and is actually worse then the new Radeaon's plus the news about how nVidia just cheated this benchamrk test to improve there statistic scores for the FX. I am leading away from that card. And the 9800 pro would be nice but do you guys think it will drop like 100 bucks in 4 months? even 50? cause it is like 400.
The Nvidia 5900 Ultra (NV35) is actually faster than the 9800 Pro in most benchmarks. If you want a card that's faster than the 5900U just wait 'till ATI ships their R360 core, which will most likely be called, 9900.



sorry to get off the main topic in this thread...but is it a big deal if i dont get a retail radeon 9700 pro made directly by ATI?
Nvidia GeForce FX versus ATi R300/350:

Nvidia cards are still good, especially the FX 5600 Ultra and 5900 Ultra - very competitive, if not top of the score sheet, in real world tests. Although I don't approve of benchmark cheating, these cards can get the job done in real games.

However, I spent my money on ATI, because their cards perform as well or better, with better image quality.

The ATI Radeon 9500 Pro is a good buy in the midrange level, as it has a full-featured R300 core and is only limited by memory bandwidth. If you play at 1024x768 or 1280x1024, and don't use 4x AA all the time, that memory restriction is not too much of an issue.

Any GF4 is not a great buy right now as they are not DX9 cards - they only accelerate DX8 functions in hardware.

Buying a Radeon:

Don't worry about whether or not it's made by ATi. Sapphire cards, for example, are priced like OEMs... but Sapphire makes the retail cards for ATi in addition to their own line. Their quality is fine. Ditto Gigabyte, PowerColor, and the other partners / vendors.
I'm upgrading my computer as well... what card to get... so many choices. Personally I am gonna wait, and save up money over the summer, then buy a new system.
ATI == the pwnz0rs.

plus HL2 will probably run better on an ATI card anyway because they showed it at the ATI booth at E3
go to ATi's main wwebsite.

according to them hl2 was made to take advantage of Radeons special abilities.
Originally posted by Dr.Sbaitso
Regarding the benchmark tests
Read This

Yea, I'm aware that Nvidia cheated using their drivers, but the cheat only works on 3Dmark, all other benchmarks are legit. That's why I posted this pic 'cause it didn't show the 3Dmark benchmarks.

I have no intention of starting a flame war, but on what basis do you make that assumption, Ray? Just curious if it's opinion or factual.

He he he.. Really nice ValVed RaY... That is the way !!

Radeon 9800 Pro OWNAGE !! :cheers: