Its 15 years since HL1, not 5!



I have read in many threads that some people think that the story has just progressed 5 years in time since HL1. It has actually progressed 15years as stated in every magazine and video. Many people have probably read in magazines that 5 years have passed since HL1. But its 5 years in real life, HL1 was released 1998(5 years ago). So thats why so many have been confused.
15 years for Gordon, 5 years for us.
It's almost as interesting to find out what Freeman was doing in those 15 years, as it is to find out the Half Life 2 storyline. Although that might be part of the Half Life 2 story.
Cool. I can't wait until HL3 is 15 years after HL2 that way Gordon can drive around in an awesome battery powered wheelchair taking out teh aliems. :rollies:
That makes Freeman 44 years old..

Personaly I believe they never reveal the ammount of time between games, and 15 years is simply a replicated rumor that has appeared everywhere.. I will consider it 5 years untill some solid facts appear.

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Easy! Wankst.. eeh Angster!! :naughty:
i wonder how this explains 3yrs has passed since hl1 ended for freeman..according to gabe newhall
you're all so misinformed.. lol, i believe in a PCgamer article it stated that it WASN'T 15 years that had passed, but didn't say much more then that.
geeez.. stop talking about HL3. You don't even know if it'll come out :rolleyes:
I havent really saw anythin in the magazines that revealed the amount of time that has passed between the event's of hl1 and the events of hl2
hey u never know, maybe those warp things in half-life (like the one u step in at the end) have something to do with time passed or something, like putting u further in time or something. so MAYBE 15 years had passed but gordon remain the same age?ahhh who knows, we'll just have to see! just a thought though
Hey wasnt freeman in a jail? I was just thinking about a jail level in Video demo
Valve stated several times that they won't reveal the amount of time between games as that is an important part of the plot. Just wait and see I say :)
The period of time is 6 months, and the jail level was just designed for e3, quite a lot of it was actually made just to be shown there.
the jail level isnt just designed for the e3.. its a part of hl2.. read the interviews!
Like EVIL said its a mission in the FULL game !!! :cheese:
They have said HL3 is going to happen...

hmm well it is 5 years since we got HL1...... but the story in HL2 takes place 15 years after HL1 :eek:
Yeah they did... I can't remember who though.
Yeah somebody did but i dont think it's "official"
And in some article they said the time passed between hl1 and hl2 will be an important part of the plot or something........