Known Half-Life 2 videos.


May 14, 2003
Reaction score
1. Tech Demo - 48.4 mb
2. Manipulator - 30.4 mb
3. Charecter Interaction - 24.3mb
4. Drone Hornets - Blue Tentacle - 23.3 mb
5. Barney's Street Fight - 29.0 mb
6. Bug Baiting Demo - 37.4 mb
7. The Dune Buggy - 37.4 mb
8. The Striders - 34.7 mb
9. IGN Demo (4 parts -- just vid, not a .exe ) - Part I - 61.7 mb
Part II - 51.5 mb
Part III - 50.0 mb
Part IV - 41.4 mb
Gamespot Interview - 500+ mb -- No one has this yet. If you do, come to IRC and serve it to at least 1 person so we can spread.

ftp://beep:[email protected]/Halflife2/
FTP Provided by geeK.

All files with the exception of the Gamespot Interview, are available available at the above FTP link, or on the IRC Channel #halflife2 on

List made by Lobster, filesize by Gojin.
can you upload them and make the titles in th first post links to them?
Well I don't have a server and most servers are down, so we're reduced to sends on irc. I've sent like 30 files already, lol. I have part 1 of 9, recieving part 2 as I type.
I really want to see the character interaction one. Anyone know where to get it or what the common filename is?
Do the numbers here match up with the "dn_qt" numbers on the filenames (i.e. does video 3's filename end with 3dn_qt or something like that?)
just wondering, do you know the muffin man? hehehe sorry, couldnt resist :D
"You Requested a file that is currently not available. Please try back another time. Browser Stats were recorded as: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/73 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/73 "

If you can make this work i'll....i'll....
it is not working for me either, but i seen the 2nd video, and it was good enough for me. I am still playing with myself after watching it.. :eek: :eek:
Pajama Sam: I took the movies straight from clan If they work I will consectrate the ground you stand on.
Call me crazy, but I'm going to try hosting 8 of those movies myself. You'll need BitTorrent, and this link.

Please observe a few rules when downloading, though:
1. Leave the client open for a bit, even if the download has finished. It'll allow other people to grab the file off of you, saving my own bandwidth and making the download quicker for everyone else.
2. Pass the link or linked file around. Yes, I'm serious; I've capped my bandwidth, so I think I could take a weekend's worth of abuse. Also see rule #1.

HJ Hornbeck
I don't think 9dn_qt exists. They are numbering the movies 1dn_qt to 8dn_qt as 2 to 9, and I guess video number one is the trailer.
I guess its some sort of amazing achievement to get all of the HL2 vids on an easily accessable site.

If only JESUS CHRIST were around.
oh yeah, and put them on a site that can handle more than 2 users going at 5k a second. THANK YOU JESUS
I don't make up files. Movie 9 exists. Read instructions and go on IRC!
So far so good, I haven't seen much load on my server. I'm bumping up the cap, and leaving it on over the weekend.

The more people connect, the faster you'll transfer at. If no one else is on, you'll be limited by the speed of my link, which is horrible. The download is resumable if you quit, and might take a few minutes to start up. The necessary program and file.

HJ Hornbeck

ps. The program creates a dummy file the size of one you're downloading. BitTorrent's client is the only way to see if the download is really finished.
I created a 14.2 divx file that clsoes the gap for those who only watched the gamespot movies and don't want to download the whole 4 IGN files.

its named HL2_2clips_MoD.avi, I started circulating it and would very much liek to see it on the ftp, contact me in the channel please.
FYI there's a new movie at fileplanet. It 's for subscribers only, the file shows E3 footage and is 500mb (!). Wonder if there's new footage in this one?

Im downloading the Fileplanet 500 mb movie now.. soon as its done ill tell ya if it has any new footage. :thumbs:
A low qual version of the interview is now available, as is my divx.
BitTorrent stats

I decided to take the BitTorrent download down today. Bandwidth usage wasn't as bad as I feared, only rarely hitting the cap I placed. Here's some statistics, though:

-My .torrent link was downloaded 295 times in total, or 201 times if you ignore repeats. Judging by referrals, the link wast posted on 4 web forums, but this one was the most popular by far.

-My client send almost 2.4GB worth of data, or about 8.7x the size of what I was sharing. Obviously, more people finished the full download than that; I spotted one client who had shared 1GB in addition just before I took the tracker down.

If I get enough requests here, I will probably start up the tracker again.

HJ Hornbeck
The 500 mb video from game spy was excellent.

-better quality graphics/sound

-more comments from Gabe

-The G-Man facial expression demo

-Crowbar fight with zombies at the pier in the second video (it was cut out for the Gamespot video)

-Extended 3rd video with more zombies (and the dreaded FAN OF DOOM)

-Last scene with G-Man saying "Well well well -- Isn't this like the old times?"

To me it was worth the wait. :cheers:
are the ign videos different from the other videos? (like the fileplanet one)
Originally posted by Domini
are the ign videos different from the other videos? (like the fileplanet one)

No, they are exactly the same. But there were scenes which were cut out from the gamespot videos. I would download the gamespy video just for that.

Read my above post for the differences.
is there a place where i can D/L the new 500MB HL2 movie for free
You can get it for free at gamespy or fileplanet, I can't remember which one. It ended up being a 617mb dl for me.
i would recommend you to download the 600mb rather than the 500mb..
the difference isnt huge, but its worth the extra 100mb