hmmz, think i'll have to be patient...but i'm NOT!!!!:flame:
I have no doubt in my mind some of the major leagues like OGL, STA, UGC, IGL, CAL and others will make a HL2, TF2 ladders to play on.
One thing I do have to wonder about is the number of players the mods can handel.
The max players for HL is 32. Somewhere a while ago I heard HL2 and TF2 were gona have a max of 64. It could of been just the plans before they scraped TF2 to use the source engine but then again they might of kept that idea. If that is the case would the leagues have 5 vs 5, 7 vs 7, 9 vs 9 divisions, as well as the would be expected 10 vs 10 and 20 vs 20 sections.
Halflife2.net will be running a league in the future.
Spooky! Either way I have a nice idea I would like to suggest. The UGC United Gaming Clans have a division made for a special reason.
It is called the Professional Division.
There is NO guilds
There is NO multiclaning.
Too often people have found multi clanning people and elitist guilds. The skill levels vary but the ones who are in it are happy to win or lose because they know they are fighting true clans.