LoS: Vertol Helicopter renders.

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-FP- LoS

Jun 30, 2003
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Outerview 1:

Outerview 2:

Outerview of interior(nothing much to look at):

Just a nice render I made, and blended in PS:

Please give me all your comments and crits here. I do not have time to work on the model, to do the uvw map tonight, so dont expect any updates untill tommorow, if then. This is for Liberation of Seoul mod. Keep in mind, were still looking for some extra help in the modeling profession.
I do know the blades have a high poly count. They will be reduced.
why the insane detail on the flight column?
I was thinking that.......unless the whole cockpit is glass
erm...is this an original concept or is it meant to be a Chinook (a woka woka, for anyone thats had association with military. i love that name... a woka woka, anywho?), I think that it is meant to be the latter due to it being a korien war mod, I'm geussing it's based on reality... and If so I believe you should use some actual images of the Chinook as refenance, and if it is not, ignore me because i probably sound stupid....

and if it is a original design, i think you should think about the praticality and aerodynamics of the aircraft...as this design would probably snap in two...

and whats with the excessive polies...

I applogize if i sound "bitchy" but i've had a really bad day sorry ;(
Just so oyu know, LoS is a korean war modification.... Maybe he pointed that out already.
no offense, but i have never seen any helicopter that remotley looked like that. Also, in the korean war, i don't think they had any twin bladed 'chopters....

The poly count seems way to high on alot of parts, but the fusalage jsut seems like you bent a cylender...

otherwise, great model! ;)

btw, are we supposed to answer the poll based on this render?
The helicopter looks a bit odd to me, kinda looks like a sausage.
thats uhm, interesting, definitely doesnt look like anything i've seen before, is it supposed to be modeled after a real helicopter?
Haha! Sorry for the late reply to this, I have been out to dinner. The reason the helicopter looks nothing like a chinook...is...well...because its not a chinook! LoL! The helicopter is a Piasecki PV-17 / HRP-2 Vertol.

(Note, the version I modeled is slightly different from the one in the picture.)
Thats a real chopper guys, Its just real damn old, and I'll bet there arent many still airworthy by now. Another chopper youre going to want in that mod will be the old bubble canopy Bell model 47 also know as the H-13 in the US Army.

Thats a damn nice looking model, what sort of polycount is that thing (in triangles)?
Hmm I havent checked the poly count on the finished version, but last time I checked it was 3000, which wont be bad for the source engine. I also removed alot of unseen faces.
The choppers we are putting into the mod are the S-51 Dragonfly, S-55, and CH-34 Chickasaw.
If I wasnt seriously overloaded right now I'd be happy to help. But I got WAY too much on My plate to even get My own things done right now.

3000 poly's, thats impressive, it looks a lot higher.
arg, yes that one...

hmm, well a bit of creative critism now from my part....

the whole Fuleage is too rouneded, it should be squared off alot and it is not in the slightes bit long enough as it should be...

and the back flap can't move because the tail fin is right on top of it?!?

and once again, wasted polies.....they don't need so many polies in the blades on top, i'm sure that when spun at the right speed, they will apear to bend anyway, without the polies to make them bend... if that's what you had in mind...!
Crit time:
My only major crit, besited the wasted polys, its that in your model it seems bent in half, while in the picture it seems bent more in the back.
the plane is to round, if you see the picture the bottom flattens out a little tiny bit
Ya, the plane seems very round and very weird looking.
Nice looking chopper -FP- ... I sure hope you have learned your self a leasson from the BF incidents .....
Thank you for the comments and crits...
"The the back flap can't move because the tail fin is right on top of it?!?"
Those are not flaps, they are static stabalizers.

As for the model looking too rounded, you did notice that I said it is a slightly different model. Well, the version I modeled looks nearly exactly the same. How do I know this? I used an official CAD Drawing.

As for you, [SH_Dev]Unwante. What you are talking about has been delt with, and 2 forum members have already been banned because of it, so dont talk about it.
Who has been banned?

Any way... Your model may be fine but the chopper in the picture looks like a death trap!
Im not trying to pick on you -FP- , Im just hoping that youre not gonna make a fool outa yourself ....Mainly because I think you can make a great mod for HL2 ..especally when you have the experince from the BF engine ...Go and make a great vehicle based HL2 mod now ....
Shirow, Unwanted, I hope we can all be good friends in the end of this. Thank you for the compliments, and please dont mention what happened in the past anymore. "Come on! Its da 90's baby! Quit livin in da 80's!".
EY Man ..... Cheer up ... Whats done is done ......Create something nice now ....=)
Originally posted by -FP- LoS
"Come on! Its da 90's baby! Quit livin in da 80's!".

Ah '90s, ok ha ha. Oh yeah, I'm not banned either.
Originally posted by Shirow
...Any way... Your model may be fine but the chopper in the picture looks like a death trap!

Haha, the one in the picture WAS a death trap! The version I modeled(a later version of the vertol) was as safe as the Chinook. The only reason they replaced it with the Chinook was due to the fuel consumption and extreme heat caused from teh turbines.
Here is the CAD Drawing I used for the model. As you can see, besides a few minor details, it s modeled very closley...
You can see from the picture, there is no side view; I had to improvise, from refrence pictures(which there are few decent ones) as to how round/flat it should be. I personally thing the fuseloge is done nicley, and Im no perfectionist! (Although I want to be!)
Originally posted by -FP- LoS
Im no perfectionist! (Although I want to be!)

yep, and no-one is perfect, but unfortunatly everyone wants modellers to be perfectionist nower days so, you got to try... ;(

EDIT: take me for instance, while posting this post, i've dropped a youghet down me, got changed, and just dropped the same youghet down me again :flame:
I believe that the top edge of the rear of the craft is somewhat rounder in the model that in the photograph. Also, the profile of the trailing edge seems a bit odd.

I do understand that it is very unfinished at this point. A suggestion. Change it enough that it cant easily be compared lith a brautwurst, hot dog, or penis. Constructive criticsim might be easier to get then. :E

Im also not a modeller (not yet anyway), so what do I know. :p

Here's a pic I found of the structurally similar PV-21 (just for the purpose of getting a different view). Please note I'm not associated with the LoS mod or it's creator, I just thought some more pics would help....

And another (second from the bottom) of the PV-21.

And another, called the H-21 this time.

Some more:

And inside:


((Please note ALL of these pictures are of the later model, the PV/H-21, and take that into account before commenting on observed differences to the posted model renders))

This last one is completely unrelated but i thought it looked cool :cheese:


P.S. all images are considered to be copywrited to their respective web-sites. I do not own any of these images, nor do I host these sites. If this violates any of HL2.net posting rules, please tell me and I'll edit them out. :) or if -FP- LoS doesn't want them... just tell me...
All of those are very useful. I decided I think I might want to remodel it completley from scratch. One downside of remodeling is I wont have time to spend it on any weapons, which is what we need! Weapon modelers...are you out there!