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May 14, 2003
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MAJESTIC - Half-Life 2 Mod

Majestic is a secret part of the CIA that oversees alien affairs. They are the ones that keep all information about Extra-Terrestrials, and they deal with the aliens. It is a group of 36 members, with the top 12 being called the Majestic-12.

Single-Player: You are [insert name here], a 29 year-old member of Majestic. You believe that everyone has a right to know about the existence of aliens, so you are willing to spread this information no matter what the risk.
The character will have to: assassinate people, upload confidential information onto the internet.
He will be hunted by Majestic members and the people they hire to do their work. They will mercilessly hunt him down until he is silenced... forever.
Highlights of the single player game will be the assassination of an important CIA official in his mansion (while it is nighttime and raining. The player will be able to go al through his mansion including on the roof and must kill his servants and the agent himself). Also, there will be an assassination of another CIA agent while he is giving a public speech to thousands of people. It will be extremely difficult, with the Secret Service, police, and regular people all trying to stop the player.

Multi-player: You can choose to be either Majestic, the Majestic rebels, or the police. The police want to keep order, so they have to fight both Majestic and the rebels to keep peace.

Nice story so far! If you want any help with the mod let me know! I can help with characters, weapons and story if you want.

Email me - [email protected]

Or I will email you.

Ian Cheshire
sounds good, will their be co-operative play? (im really dreaming of co-op)!!
Really cool idea !
If you need ideas of new weapons.. Im your man !
Need a skilled mapper for your mod then contact me [email protected] for information... I know almost everything about hl mapping and so on... lets just leave the crap here :dork: and e-mail me if interested i can start mapping right away... :cheers:
wow, i never expected this much support. that was just an idea, but if we want to get a team together that'd be excellent. maybe if we ask munro nicely he could give us some webspace here. :)
we can't really get past the ideas stage right now because the game and it's new editors haven't been released yet. keep in touch if you are interested.
i've got a website and forums up, if anyone's interested in helping.

(the site used to be for something else i had, and i converted it, so excuse the name/titles for now, thx)
I really like the idea, you could go far with it. Especially the maps, where you can have loads of different methods of killing him.

So of hitman style (in FPS, etc)...

Love to see some CIA classics in there - like a poisoned cigar...
The KGB Lipstick Gun is always a must if the player is a woman.