Male Zombie?


Jul 4, 2003
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Hi everyone,

Thought I would go ahead and try to do some work, make some models while I wait for the 30th to get here, I working on this guy off and on and i think i want to make him into a zombie (I.E. resident evilish) Most of the "Zombie" look will come when i get around to skinning him.... Thought i post it and get some feedback, keep in mind there is a few things i still need to do on here, the most obvious are

1. Make the rest of the body
2. Give him ears
But im trying to make him look more zombieish' anyone have any comments on how i could do this? Well here it is so far...


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Add a meshsmooth modifier to it...Im curious to see just how it would look with one added.
Hmm.. What modeling software did you use? Gmax? Just curious.
Originally posted by Innervision961
But im trying to make him look more zombieish' anyone have any comments on how i could do this? Well here it is so far...

Maybe make his cheeks more sunken in to give him that "I've only been eating brains the last few weeks so I lost allot of the whole being dead thing" look.
lol thanks for the reply guys,

Newton: your right, he looks more like he should be taking steroids and lifting weights rather than eating brains and being all undead, i'll try that, sink in the cheeks a little more, and make his jaw line a little less heroic, and more sinister...

khaki: I use Max 5.0

Xtasy0: yup no doubt about that, I'll cut more detail in the final product, this is still real WIP plus i just read that valve has some characters all the way up to 7500 pollys :bounce: mean i need to get to work!

-FP-LoS: Heres your mesh smooth, I have another save where i was playing around with smoothing groups and it came out ok i guess... but i don't want to do all the smoothing groups until im 100% sure that its ready for it
face doesnt have enough shape with the mesh smoother :) its flat, looks like one of those uh, you know, statue face things....
Yeah i know, i don't plan on using the meshmooth, i have a lot of detailing and tweaking left to do... but i just can't seem to drag myself to do it... I don't understand it i love modelling, but for some reason i spend more time online than i do modelling which is bad mmkay:dozey:

And thanks for the compliment Bilko :cheers:
well ya' know what they say "hard work pays off in the future, but being lazy pays off right now" I guess I kinda live by that :smoking:
oh the eyes

his eyes r too far up his head, lower them, the bottom of the eyes, shud b around the middle of the head. urs r way too high.