More developer subgroups perhaps?



Hey there guys. Any idea if there's a possibility of putting up an 'animation' section under the Half-Life 2 editing subgroup? Also, since things are kind of up in the air about conversion at the moment...possibly add a section for 3d package discussion? Maybe for future conversion problems or solutions? I dunno, either subgroups of that 3d package group (split into each 3d package such as 3d max, maya, lightwave, XSI, etc), or just one large group to discuss all 3d packages? Just a few suggestions. :) Great site, btw. I'll be around here more often! I'm really psyched about the potential for HL2.
Not...really. The description of the 'artwork' section is "Post art, wallpapers and other images here" which is pretty vague. I could see how you'd want to put what I said in the artwork section, but I was looking for something a bit more divided and less generalized.