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thank you so much!!!

man, this is sure as hell gonna be the best game of the year!!

/me loves physics
You have done the world a great service Munro!!

Now, because I just can't get enough of this game, does anyone know where to get the Gamespot interview movies? Also, the following quotes are taken from Gamespot and I seem to recall someone mentioning a video that showed some of this stuff (specifically the G-Man stuff). Anyone seen it?!

" The demonstration opened with Half-Life's G-man, the enigmatic suit-wearing character, shown in a tight close-up. Newell stated that more than 40 "muscles" are used to determine this character's facial expressions, and indeed, we could see him smiling, snarling, sneering, looking fearful, looking sinister, and looking victorious--subtle and incredibly convincing facial expressions that all were shown in real time. Valve also demonstrated the lip-synching technology used for the game--the G-man repeated his speaking lines in Chinese, forming the syllables perfectly.

Another scene showed Freeman using a huge propellerlike device to rip a bunch of zombies in half. One gets blown apart by a grenade, yet the top half of the zombie continues its pursuit. To ward off another zombie attack, Freeman blows up an explosive barrel, which causes the destroyed husk of a car to crush the lot of them. The car then ignites and catches flame, incinerating yet more zombies. "
Well, that's the G-Man video accounted for. My God you're good!!

All hail king Munro!

And holy creepfest batman, that G-Man is quite the actor...spooky cool.
OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I could kiss you, if you were a girl but instead we'll just have a couple beers:cheers:
Weeeeeei !!!!!

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Which one is the G-Man acting video? I have all the Gamespot vids, but there's no G-Man outside of the tech demo.

I also think it would be really nice if someone with video-editing software could just cut out the major cool/new parts of the 500meg file vs. the gamespot ones, make their file size a lot smaller, and give THEM out for download, rather than this huge 500meg file that's completely out of range for us modem users. :)
From what I saw of that video (stupid streaming...) all it showed was two or three seconds of the G-Man's expressions: not the full demo thing where they swap English for Chinese or the G-Man raises an eyebrow.
Oh yeah, the complete "G-Man Experience" is included in the 500mb video, it's very good! Amazing, in fact!
It's the whole must have died partway through. Right click on it and "save target"
No, it's jsut got clips: not the whole sequence. Still, I did miss those bits at the end. Pretty fantastic stuff: that video does show how expressive the eyes are. He even has teeth!
Well, everything that's in the Gamespot blurb (posted above) is there...what's missing?
Uh, the sound, the entire g-Man clip (the English/Chinese bit and what Gabe Newell is saying) and the two zombie sequences.
Yes, but I was only referring to the G-man sequence - I don't think there is anything more with the G-Man. And it does have sound.
In the actual demo that they did at e3, there was a whole sequence in which Gabe talked about how the lip-synching worked: and specifically they had the G-man talking English, and then Chinese. It happens right before the tech demo video: that's why Gabe is saying "with characters that can react emotionally..."

It's supposedly in the 500meg video of the complete presentation, but maybe not.

The video from that site is just a composite of several presentation shots, and the sound is just a techno beat, not the actual sound of the demo or presentation.
Well I don't know what site you went to Apo, but the site that is linked on (which is the one I've been talking about) does have the G-Man speaking chinese and does not have a "techno beat"
Then we are seriously miscommunicating. I'm talking about the Swedish site that the front page links to here:

Yet another new Half-Life 2 video
Posted Friday 16th May, 2003 by Hyperion

Norwegian gaming site has released one Half-Life 2 video more. This time we'll see this mystical G-Man in action, and I must admit that the facial expressions are very convincingly animated - even much better than with Alyx. Video is in Windows Media .wmv -format and requires Windows Media Player. - G-Man in action

I went to the site and downloaded their video: shows the gman, the berney scene, couple of strider scenes, and the gman again, all set to techno.
What file/link are you talking about?
Oops: I meant Norwegian, not Swedish.
I may have found the file you meant after all: it seems the two links lead to two different movies.
Well then I must be on drugs or something. I just watched that one again (streaming video direct from the link) and the G-Man portion of the high res 500Mb video and they are entirely the same. The sound is a bit clearer on the high res version and it's a different narrator, but the G-Man dialogue and animation is identical. I would suggest you check the sound card on your computer.

Anyone want to back me up on this one?

In any case, It's not important, I just thought maybe I was missing something. I suggest we let it drop.
I was actually going to the site, then to their article, and then they have a movie in there. I got the correct file from the second link (I used the first link, the one to the site): sorry for the confusion.

Now I've gotta track down HL2_2clips_MoD.avi...
Well... after lurking these boards last night looking for a link to download the 500MB video (which turned up no links...) I went searching on google and I found a site you may be interested in:

Scroll down to the movie section and look for a link called "Half-Life 2 Full GSI movie" The file is 507MB and looks like it's the full video. But the download rate is sucky currently, were talkin 15KB/s.

Just thought I'd share this with you all.
downloading it right now.. got sucky speed too tho..
but i guess its better than nothing :)
To get the 500 mb in another way...:
get this program:
(for more info on it go here : )

go open this link when you have installed that program:
(very important that you dont choose save as..)

then the .torrent file opens and you chose were to put the 500 mb video... and that should work...

just rmemeber that this bittorrent is a "share-program" so you can't download without sharing what you download, so at times you may be sharing with more speed than you download...

Hope this help....
....This says it will take me over 120 hours to download. 1kbs.
Darn it: I got the MOD.avi file that supposedly has the zombie bits.... but the video is broken, only the sound works. Grrrr....