My HL2 game box cover.


Jun 30, 2003
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Here is a HL2 game box cover that I made.
I did use " vakuum's
3d HL2 orange logo" I wanted to give him a credit."

****. Nice man! Change the T to a M and you got a quality box there.;)
EDITED: Your wish is my command! lol

(I didnt change the little 3d box " M " though, oh well.)


WOW! I just saw that jasonh1234 has a post showing his box art, and mine looks looks alot like his, i didnt see that and i would never take somebodys work. I will edit mine so there wont be any problems. sorry bro
Good job.
But your box looks too much "fat" because HL2 will be sold in a dvd type box like today's games.
pritty cool i am thiunking this was made in ps right?

if you go for the 3dsmax instead they got a free vertion gmax then you can actually make the box look more like a real box using shadings light etc but this is pritty cool makes me think this is what it would look like, although it will ship in a dvd case like all new ones do ;)
Very nice.

You should send it to Gabe. Who knows, maybe they'll use it.
yeah this was made in ps7, and it was the older bigger software box style, I am making new a new one with the DVD type box type.

thx for the input guys.
I doubt they would use a box made up of screenshots that everyone has seen a million times

Nice box tho :bounce:
Actually, if you saw, we know what the boxes will look like. At E3, if you look at the picture of Gabe sitting talking to a crowd, you'll see that there's 3 types, G-man box, Alyx box, and Gordon box. And yes, they are in boxes the same size as original HL was, not the dvd box. Maybe the little dvd case box is inside that box, but they're still using the old school boxing style.
G-man box will own all others.. G-man is badass
I think I'm going to get the gordon box, it just wouldn't be the same feeling without him on the front.

Note: I can picture everyone nabbing the G-man and gordon boxes off the shelves, and noone getting the Alyx one, everyone goes home, leave about 50 copies of hl2 in the store, because Alyx is on the front. :p

Some more evidence for a traditional-style game box - the area circled looks like the top flap of a carboard box.....
Originally posted by Ender
G-man box will own all others.. G-man is badass

Gordon made it out of a deep underground government facility infested with aliens and military officials trying to kill him without saying a word. I think it's safe to say Gordon would kick the snot out of the g-man if he wanted to. Don't get me wrong, g-man is badass in his own right.
Dude your box gives the official ones a run for their money. Send it to Gabe and it might end up the official lol. The silver owns yours though but the silver owns everyones boxes. EXCELLENT WORK!

noooo, boxes are great for collecting.....:( damn...I want another box like the HL boxes.
Game cases are ugly
Doctor scream: Ohhhhh my god what hapen with your hair :)
Those boxes are cool, can't wait to get one :)
Hey guys, cool looking boxes there. I found a bigger and nicer picture of them for anyone who wants a look :)

Why isnt the image embedded in the message body? I used the right code right?
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I swear, Gabe looks exactly like my english teacher I had last year.
He looks like Glenn Humplink of the The New Tom Green Show.
Originally posted by Ender
G-man box will own all others.. G-man is badass

I really want some quality shots of the G-Man.

Anyone who walks through an interdimensional war with a suit and a briefcase without breaking a sweat, goes down as badass in my book.