New info about the HL2 videos


May 17, 2003
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I joined valve's channel at quakenet...

This is the log from my question.

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(18:09:12) (geeK) Will the new hl2 videos be released today ? Any operator :D
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(18:14:02) (@Aph3x) geeK - no it won't be released today

The HL2 vids will NOT be released today.
Yep :/ So no jokes about a moving Steam icon ;)

Thanks for the info, geeK.
But...but...Gabe's email to me? I'll believe Gabe over some Aphex guy.
Its not officialy confermed
Some bloke on a chan called valve dosent acctualy conferm nothing, Sorry Geek :(
omg this is bs, geeK gots nothing not even proof, Gabe word or no word.
lol you are really crazy.. well don't come to me when the clock has past midnight.. idiots
geek just wants everyone to go away so he'll be first on the dl line :p
My message:

Gabe what's your family like?

Gabe's Response

Wow. I didn't think anyone would care! Haha. My wife is good, expecting a child in a few months. By the way, I recieved your message on my machine. The Half-Life2 media will be released tomorrow, July 1st.
Ever heard of changes.. like cs:cz would be released one year ago..
Geek, your right, but, let's hope it's not true ok? Gabe would be a real ass to lie about something like that.
I don't think he lies.. Maybe something happend to the servers.. maybe he's wife should have the child? Who knows.. A day there, and a day there.. What diffrence does it makes :/
He said in a few months with the child lol. And the difference is, we NEED it. It's like a drug.
Im sat here haveing kitterns wating for these vids or what ever were suppose to be getting.
(Gabe if you waching GET YOUR FINGER OUT)...;)
Haha. It's 10a.m over there. We should expect some news in a few hours.
Mayb someone send him yet annother e-mail and ask if the vids will still be released today?
Yep.. i think like 100 peeps already have done that ;)
God too many people think #valve is a real channel :)
valve is not the real channel.. i know that gotdamnit ;) It's a help channel,, and information channel.. Like HL2 will use WON on multiplayer ;)
well im gunna go to the gym for a few hours and when im back prolly around 4 EST since im in Maine (we got a house here up on the coast). Well see ya suckerssss laterrrr
Originally posted by Munro
God too many people think #valve is a real channel :)

It's a real channel, i mean it's there right...
...but it aint an official channel :p
If it is not released today it will be probably tomorrow so don't worry about it :)

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