Nice friendly people



So good to see theres so many nice friendly people in the community, unlike some I could mention.........Lobster :dork:
why dont u shut up and save your feelins for when your dying...

heh jk yea its a friendly community but mostly european(which isnt bad) so have agood time and dont post useless spam:cheers:
now wasnt that a nice and unfriendly comment!!! :dozey: plz delete this mods :)
So good to see theres so many nice friendly people in the community.

Welcome to the forum m8.

Kings just messing with you.:)
I might as well say "Hi there"...dunno why though :(
Acctualy re'reading the thread .SiN. whats wrong with Lobster.?
champagne to my real friends and real pain to my sham friends
You and your friends drink champagne? Are you guys like in your 50s?
if u can figure out our bombs then u deserve a cookie.
I havent seen any bad people around here ...:borg: shooting em on sight
soon we will be invaded by lamers...its just a matter of time! :eek:
Well being a supposed authority on the game and the community I asked him for some help, his reply was "go find out for yourself!".
But hey thats life, I can roll with the punches as good as the next guy :cheers:
perhaps he got tired of hearing the same question over and over again? :)
Actually I was after Gabe Newell's e-mail, someone gave it to lobster the other day, I can't remember who, I didn't write it down at the time but since then I have thought to myself well actually there are some questions I'd like to ask Gabe, anyway see above for Lobster's reply, but I found a willing soul to part with the information this morning so all's well that end's well.
In particular I wanted to ask him about the physics of the water, and if as in real life the deeper you get the more pressurisation comes into affect, and so will slow your movements, and indeed whether Gordon will actually have to do any underwater exploration in any of the levels.

p.s. Thnx G0och m8, I will indeed call on your services if I need them in the future :thumbs: