No updates lately

Cry about it poon, HL2 sucks anyways! haha kidding dont flip...and smile because jesus loves you...SUCKAS!
lol...SUCKAS, gotta love that word, hasnt been updated because there is no news :D
In the swedish PC GAMER they say there is a lot of new HL2 info, all though I haven't bought it yet.
The Swedish PC GAMER isn't a translation of the english/american version, it's other writers.
But if there's info in the swedish issue, there must be in the american...
Hehe my bookmark takes me straight to the forums now :/ Come on Valve, give Munro an interview!!!! :D
honestly not much to update on, but i did see an interview gone unnoted. even though teh interview didnt provide much info it would have been nice to see it posted.:dozey:
lot of u euros are just wierd...seriously ill never visit europe unless i have to and if your american i hope u dont live by me.