Question about Blood Spray in HL2.


Jul 6, 2003
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Helo guyz. ive been watching the Full 20 min video (e3) and was suprised to see the scene where u see the dawn(or dusk) and when gordon goes to the wooden bridge and there are 2 bodies of aliens there, he picks up a crowbar and smash the first one and than beeing pushed by the seconds into the water...

MAN the blood spray when the crowbar hits the alien is pathetic!
Dont u think? really the green circles looks like they were taken out of a 1994 video game (i hope it is there only because valve didnt worked that out YET.)

btw: the blood sprays of human ingame looks ok to me (scene with strider impaling the person who shoots it).
and there was the scene with the big knife who choped the aliens by two parts.. the sprayy there was good too...
actually the question is only for the scene I mentioned above.
Hasn't this been covered about 2,000,000 times? Look and find one of the other thread on the topic.
Thx man.. I was thinking noone is mad enough to ask this kind of question:D

That was meant in jest not to offend.
I dont like the bit where the beam swings a couple of soldiers and one hits the wall. The blood is applied instantly to all areas, doesnt seem right to me. The crowbar attacks were alpha just for the demo.
When I used that "News" picture, I got flammed to hell ;( , and yeah, I LOVE that cat pic, Ive been looking for it for ages!, thxs :D, btw cats rule