Same 'ol melee combat?



Yes, the video was stimulating and it'll probably be the game to carry us through the next few years. I noticed though that when he's using the crowbar you see the typical blood splat for every stroke no matter where on the body he's hitting or if he's 2 feet or inches away from the enemy. If this engine can do the other things I saw why not show the tip digging into muscle and ripping guys arm or stomach out, or if he's closer break a leg or something?
keep in mind that the crowbar was only put into the system only a little while before shown at e3 im guessing the graphics that were used for the crowbar were only as old as that and that the blood was not modified for it, however it is the way its gonna be(blood splater) then its fine but i dont feel its up to par wit the engine.
That, would be awesome. Very, very awesome.

What can I say? We can hope that it happens! :E
As the front page of suggests, some of these things are just placeholders. Expect most of your qualms to be eliminated and fixed.
it would be extremely difficult for models to interact with each other. you'd have to find out where the other model is in relation to you, and you'd have to make adjustments of your attack movement to get the desired result. even if the models were just going to shake hands, it would be too easy to miss unless they each detected where the other model was so they could play their hand-shake animation
Melee combat ? thnx i had enough of it in Morrowind...poor mudcrabs