Some Hammer changes

Ya I saw that before.
Even though it's just speculation I believe he is right on most of the stuff he says.
But that "create keyframe" thing, I don't think it has anything to do with modelling. More likely for movers, like doors and trains, would make things a lot easier when creating such things as a train falling down when a bridge brakes or something like that.
Still just speculations though :)
The most exciting thing about those screenshots is te fact it still looks like the old hammer. This means people who already map for half-life will be able to make the transition fairly painlessly, the entities and crap will all be brand new, but the editor's user interface looks very similar.
You are exactly right derby, I don't think there will be a problem getting used to it, because we already will be used to it! Just a few new tools.
Do u think we'll be using objects created in XSI format for importing into Hammer maps? Like prefabs. So we'll build map pieces in the 3D program (XSI, Max or whatever) and construct the maps piece by piece in Hammer?