Steam Summer Picnic Sale 2016 Begins - June 23rd thru July 4th


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May 29, 2007
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As confirmed by leaks some time ago, this evening has brought about the start of the 2016 Steam Summer Sale, dubbed the "Steam Summer Picnic Sale". From June 23rd through July 4th 2016, Steam users will be able to view and purchase over 12,000 pieces of discounted content, including games, software, and DLC.

Aside from a few new sections to highlight Steam Hardware devices and virtual reality, the sale and its layout are largely unchanged from previous years, with a "Highlighted Deals" area showing off some of the biggest discounts on a daily basis and an updated Discovery Queue which provides up to three Steam Trading Cards per day for those who explore it.


The simplification of these big Steam Sales in recent years has meant there isn't really a whole lot more to talk about, so just head on over and check out all of the available deals for yourself!
Thread title says July 14th instead of 4th
I picked up a number of titles mostly to convert these games to non-disk and future-Windows-compatible formats:
  • F.E.A.R. bundle (I already own Project Origin (meh), and I'll probably never play 3, but the original and the two expansion packs... yum!)
  • Half Life 1 Bundle (while I still have the original disks, I'm sure Windows would choke out trying to install them as is)
  • Bulletstorm (I know it uses GFWL, but I think I just have to jump through a hoop once and forget about it since those servers are dead, plus my disk was failing to install)
  • Alice: Madness Returns (I know I'll have to create a new EA account... forgot the password for my disk version, essentially bricking it)
  • Bioshock (I've already got the others on Steam, plus I'm interested in the upcoming remaster)