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May 14, 2003
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Post your user ID if you want, since I'm guessing HL2 is gonna be available to play over Steam when HL2 comes out.

I'm songojin
Already got two people in there :)
Damn, ICQ, MSN and now this :) Too much :D
well.... I'm..YOU GUESSED IT! .. Skull :)
GAH! a lot of Skulls there, my first name is David (so that's the one to pick ;))
Try mine as Murray_H

It could be fanny_magnet69 cos i'm using the account i originally signed up with

If they dont work, i'll think of what else it could be
Skull, first/last name at all? there are 2 or 3 Skull. And is your exactly spelled Skull? with caps and all?
Guys, include a first/last name if you had one, and make sure the name you give is case sensitive
SpuD <-- that's how his ID is

spud078@ somethin
[email protected]

i'm not gonna be around when hl2 ships, though :\

and when im home, i'll have to break my head about how to distibute a single weekend between sp and mp :(
Yeah yeah cs isn't too good, but you guys wanna have a game? Maybe vs bots on extreme?
I'm up for a bit of 1.6 action, i havent played cs in ages! But i'm in the UK so it may get laggy :/
nickname: Xtasy0
first: gary
last: roy

i already added most of yous.
Nickname: Min Rizor
Last Name: Pillsbury

I think if there was actually another Min Rizor out there, the Pillsbury would narrow it down quite a bit....
Originally posted by Zerox
Yes, hur så? / who's asking?

he's asking because if you look up "Zerox" on steam theres about 30 different ones. so if we have your first name "jonas" then we'll know which one to add. :)
Yes, you're so right! Sorry if i were a little thoughtless. :D
We'll manage to forgive you somehow after a few years of coping over the tragedy and then some psyciatric (SP??) help for a few months.
yeah Newton (Daniel N)

*Edit* that's wierd, I don't seem to be in the list of Newtons.

I think I'm going to have to come up with a better nick, Newton seems to popular.