TF2 "Meat vs. Match" Class Winner Revealed


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May 29, 2007
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After over a month of competition, the Meat vs. Match class war started with the Meet Your Match update for Team Fortress 2 back in early July suddenly came to a close earlier this evening. In a 56% to 44% split, the Pyro has beaten out the Heavy to become the first in line to receive the first of a whole new line-up of class themed updates.

The contents of the update and the balance changes set to be made within have yet to be properly be revealed, but new hats, weapons, and abilities are likely all on the table. A small reference linked in the Pyro's victory blog post appears to show Valve have taken notice of an open letter written by the community a while back. The letter, written largely by professional Team Fortress 2 players, outlines a series of major and long-standing concerns regarding inconsistencies and balance problems facing Pyro players. Given the extremely obvious reference to this letter, it would seem Valve has taken this feedback on board, and will begin targeting these issues directly in the upcoming unnamed Pyro update.

It'll probably be some time before we hear anything more out of the TF2 development team, so let's all just sit tight and relax while we wait for more news about everyone's favourite pyromaniac.