The CLQ Closes Its Doors

May 24, 2003
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Tis a sad day. ;(

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The Champions League for Quake, long a fixture of the internet gaming community, has shut down.
Announcing the closure of the site today on a redirected front page, CLQ staffers several reasons for the site's demise, alluding to the intrusion of Real Life and even sending a pointed barb in GameSpy's direction. The comments referred to GameSpy's "monopolizing access to game servers." Emails directed to GameSpy requesting comment were not returned before this article was posted.
The CLQ monitored scores of servers around the world, anonymously tracking players of Quake, Halflife, Unreal Tournament and other games. Many mods, including Counter-Strike and Action Halflife were supported. The CLQ ranked players by effectiveness in a formula that varied from game to game but was usually rooted in frags-per-minute or frag/death ratio.

The Champions League for Quake
heh it's been dead for weeks if not months now.. those guys at sure work slow :p

but it is, a sad moment for all us gamers :(