The Gunslingers



We will soon start working on a mod that originally was thought to be developed for UT2003, but since the physics in HL2 is superior to any other game we've decided to make it for HL2.

Anyways, The Gunslingers, as the mod is called will be a DM/TDM total conversion based in a near future with weapons based on real life versions. We will have a bit of -70's influence into the mod too, especially concerning the cars that will be included.

More info on this when site is up...

i was excited untill you said it was in teh future. Even though it has been done before, a nice western gunslinger would have been fun.

But your mod sounds cool ;] Go for it.
Now infinyte, why couldn't you be nice like this on my mods thread?
infinyte: Well, it won't really look futuristic. Just a bit worn out and with weapons that are a little tweaked towards a futuristic kind of way, so to speak :) It will be really cool, I assure you :)