The official TF2 speculation thread.

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So we are finally gettin´ news about TF2. After all these years maby they are going shed some light.
They said there will be new info right after they get the HL2 info out.

I´ve been waiting for TF2 since the first words about it. Mainly on TFC servers and in magazines. I keept a daily check for TF2 news for several years. Later i started to check less and less. So i am not so up to date. But i´ve noticed that they use HL too test new features. In game voice-com, netcode etc.

But can we imagine the massive impact of the new engine? The new physics?

The new approach with a interactive world.

Well first off. If there is a gameworld with perfect physics. Will somesort of gravity gun as seen in HL2 be featured? Would be alittle spaced-out but i would like to see some use of the physics engine.
Not just pushing object but to be able to grab them to some degree.

I´m feeling the same enthusiasm for TF2 now as i tid for many years ago.

btw. Kuros sux.
I love good ol' TFC, I can't wait for TF2, and I pray that it'll be nothing like FA, since it basically sucks and was based off of TF2.
Picture the classes from TFC combined with the commander from Natural Selection combined with the drivable vehicles from BF1942 combined with the awesome physics and graphics of HL2 combined with the teamwork you need in those Tom Clancy games and I think you'll have a general idea of what TF2 will be like!:bounce:

I'm puttin my money TF2 comes with HL2.
*further speculation is its HL2s main mod
i just want it to be new and nothing like we know so we cant compare it to any few games combined so it will be an entirly new experience one that we will all come to love and enjoy more than any other game(with the exception of HL2 of course).

Edit: and no tF2 will not come out with HL2, thats just absurd.
I thinking of the class system... It would be cool if they added more classes and kept the old ones from TFC...
yes i believe there will be a class system and that they will add more but i hope that it totally different i couldnt really "get in to" TFC
But how diffrent can it get ???

Almost every class based game have a Scout,Infantry,Machine gunner, and a Heavy weapons dude. ^_^

Maybe they could change names on em !
maybe they are smart enough to pull off a game that is completely new that was sitting infront of our faces the whole time (They are valve!)
then again if they dont we will be forced to revolt causeing in conjuction the fall of the united states and a massive nuclear war that take out most of europe and the loss of utah (large price to pay for takin out europe..*sniker*)

so big deal if they dont nail it on the head the nail will be used on their coffins...

hope no one took that to seriously...utah will be perfectly fine :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
i guessing their gonna stick with the title "Brotherhood or Arms" which is kick ass but is the commanders job gonna be pretty much as the commander in ns not a real person but someone overlooking the battle field. i think it would be cool if he were an actualt person on battle field and when he went to cammand post adn certain desk room or wutever a menu comes up and he commands from there...tha was more people have more incertive for guarding and snekaing assualting passed...i sould deigns fricken good...:dozey:
Like Kyle said... It would be cool if it had the NS commander "style"..
did u read my whole post? the commander isnt a nobody hes a someone that has to be guarded while he commands and he can have a pistol or something small but limited sorry if the NS commander is like this but iv never played NS correct me if im wrong and i wont cry.
would be fun if it would work not like in ns where its all buggy :flame:
Originally posted by KiNG
did u read my whole post? the commander isnt a nobody hes a someone that has to be guarded while he commands and he can have a pistol or something small but limited sorry if the NS commander is like this but iv never played NS correct me if im wrong and i wont cry.

The commander in NS could be anybody(it doesent have a class sys.). He has an assult rifle, pistol and a knife.
does he just stand there and command? well sorry i didnt know, but i was thinkin a CP could be like a tent or small fortress of somekind and battles could rage on and maybe the hl2 engine will support more people like 40 or 50 or something that would me awsome battles...and with vecs and stuff...
/me drools and drinks his beer :cheers:
NA has a CP/HQ..... The commanders sits in it and... command ^_^
KiNG, I don't know what you're doing here if you haven't even played Natural-Selection... you are seriously missing out on something!!!
i think ill dl it tonight and try it out tomorrow, u guys are makin it sound cool, i just wanna try to command and then after that follow orders and stuff, after all i am a grunt at heart but a commanding grunt. rawr :p

i just like the thought of two commanders fighting with their men using tactics and strat to complete different objectives or the about competetive..:cheers:
I have another idea: Chain of Command.

at the top is command followed by platton commanders the down to squad leaders i feel this could allow for more strat and tactics from command and add to the feel of tf2 also supplyin the grunt witha sence of realism and still be fun.

any comments?
i really like NS, i think its the best made mod out there. The commander has a chair he climbs into (anyone can do it) when your in there you have an overview of the map can can place out structures and such
Dude, Opposing Force is gonna be awesome!
Its Alive! The Day Of Judgment Is Upon Us
So what will HL2 be like, guys? I bet Gordan's going to have to, like, find the surviving scientists and shit.
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