The topic is, "Info from Valve ONLY (NO DISCUSSION)"


May 26, 2003
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I cannot believe how hard it is to follow a simple thing like the topic at hand. Apos is trying to gather as much info as possible that we can all read without wading through tons of spam and idiocy. PLEASE stop posting anything that isn't an email response or an internet link to info given by Gabe Newell or other members of Valve.

I realize this may not even really fit here, and I hate to be adding to spam or pointless posts in any way, but I HAVE to say something. A bunch of people will hate me soon..

Look at all the crap posted in Apos' thread.

Originally posted by tokin
where can i get steam.....sorry to ask.
Did you read the part of the topic that said, "no discussion"? Seriously, people are not smart. If you want a question answered, either PM someone, or start a new topic in the appropriate forum. Not only are you taking this thread off topic, but you're trying to hijack it with another question.
Originally posted by Bad^Hat
What's your favourite colour?
Uhh... green


And you're just an idiot.. unless of course Gabe actually gave your unintelligence a response.
Originally posted by BaNDiT
Hello Mr. Newell , what is your name?
Thanks for your time

You, also, are an idiot.
Originally posted by stenbro
do you have any clue as to how many CD's the final version of the game will take? That lot looks like it could take up some space ... especially since someone indicated that there should be 12 chapters - each 3-4 hours worth of gameplay.

Will it be shipped on DVD as well?

Just curious :) hope you can take your time to answer.

I've sent the question to Gabe for answering ... my guess is 4 cds
also added a question regarding how far they are in the development; if they actually can play the game through from start to end yet.
The thread topic is, "Info from Valve ONLY". Not, "QUESTIONS YOU SENT TO GABE THAT ARE YET TO BE ANSWERED, AND POINTLESS UNTIL DONE SO". We appreciate your trying to contribute to the thread, but you're not doing that at all yet. Post away once you hear a response.
Originally posted by jhero
well, it wont be that huge..there are no cinematics in the game, so i say 3 cd's max

You're discussing!

Originally posted by deepers
Originally posted by rootbin
okay, LISTEN. this is NOT a thread for posting unanswered questions, or for ANSWERING THEM. it is a thread for posting EMAILS RECEIVED FROM VALVE.

can a moderator PLEASE delete this post and all the others that have no relavence.
chill out, if people want to ask questions that other people should ask then let them, you don't own this thread

He doesn't own the thread, but he's not an idiot. ONCE AGAIN FOLKS, the topic is, "Info from Valve ONLY (no discussion)"
Originally posted by jhero

Why.. why are you dumb?
Originally posted by Domokun

Originally posted by Scaramanga
will half life 2 use a cd key system how will the anti cheat work?

^ ban him

(sorry for the unrelated post)
I agree.
Originally posted by guinny
Domokun, your 10 posts here. Your a noobie, I wouldn't be starting shit this early in the game little man. Grow up. Delete this post all the way up to jheros.
Ironically, in trying to solve the problem, you're just adding to it. How ironic..
Originally posted by nc17
What email address do i send emails to for answers from gabe ?
Once again, no discussion. Either PM someone, or start a new topic!

..I seriously wonder how humanity has survived up to this point sometimes..
Originally posted by guinny
? What's desert combat?
We all know this guy isn't smart, and he continues to impress us with his seemingly neverending moronics. Once again, "no discussion".
Originally posted by Xtasy0
/me chuckles
Originally posted by guinny
? What's desert combat?
The idiot, part II.
Originally posted by guinny
Dude, it his AIM says guiness. Seek help would ya?

edit - i hate dc, please dont remind me i ever went there
The idiot, part III.
Originally posted by guinny
yea i know shhh, i dont want ppl knowing, plz delete all these useless topics on the should-be official thread.
The idiot, part IV.
Originally posted by nc17
How long did it take for gabe to reply to your emails?
PM or new topic.. PM OR NEW TOPIC! AAGGGHhhhh!
$paz, don't live up to your name. Just count to 10 and take a deep breath. btw, PM OR NEW TOPIC!

Edit: Agree with post below
I agree with this thread, a moderator should substract 50 post from the post count of anyone that post OT on the stickied thread.
Originally posted by Gojin
$paz, don't live up to your name. Just count to 10 and take a deep breath. btw, PM OR NEW TOPIC!

*breaathhhh innnn*, *relleasseeeee* ...

Anyways, to further justify my yelling, even Planet Half-Life has a news post about Apos' thread.
Half-Life 2 Q&A's
6/30/2003 6:35 PST | Half-Life 2 | by Stewart |
Calhoun just informed us that have a forum in which fans are posting the answers emailed to them by Valve Software staff. Of course, it's hard to tell whether they're all ligit, but most of them seem to be honest.
I really think they're in this just to go against you. It's a conspiracy! (sorry for my craziness. It's 3:14 am and I dunno what to do).
I completely agree with spazmataz being an ass, period
I was wondering the same thing yesterday. Why is it so hard NOT to **** up every thread with plain stupid postings? Some kids seem to have way too much time at their hands.
Wow...How long did it take you to quote everybody and answer them ;)
What astounds me is the length of time he took compiling all those examples. People here are really passionate about HL2 and threads annd the like. I prescribe a course of soft drugs...
english is not my native language so what does "make your bed" mean?
Ya, I guess I filled out the first part of my name alright.

The post probably only took me about 10 minutes, it became more amusement than frustration by the end of it. And it's not like I'm super passionate about HL2, it's actually not about that at all. It's that fact that people drive me NUTS! And many of those guys who posted crap drive a lot of us nuts.
'make your bed' means to put sheets and blankets/duvet/comforter on the bed in a neat way, ready to be slept in. erm, that's about the best description I can give. Google translation for make your bed goes something like this:

german: bilden Sie Ihr Bett

a bit too literal....

french: faites votre lit


doesn't look like this phrase translates well

wow, how off topic is this. I'm ashamed of mysefl!
Very good post $pazmatazz, you beat me to it in fact ;) I've deleted a load of the off topic posts and I will continue to do so. If anyone keeps posting in that thread they will find their posting privledges removed.
Just reread this thread again its bloody class.

Dont you think the big issue here is the number at the bottom of the Avatars,.?
i personaly think if you remove the post count you loose the HEY IM L33T ..i must be the be all and end all of the HL2 community look at my post count.!
and the other fact that the lame asses see it the chance to trash one hell of a good thread.!
although I agree with spazz on this...I think this post could have been less pointless and more to the point....

cut out the personal attacks and quotes, that way you'd lessen the risc of these dumbasses to retaliate and make this a flamewar...
I agree with $pazmatazz, but as this is a Forum it will happen regardles of how many times the Topic creator asks to keep it clean - it will, inevitablly be spammed to some extent.

But hopefully there will be some new Moderators around soon to keep Threads like that clean and simple to browse through for information. Instead of having to weave through the flamewars and random gibbering.
Very good thread $pazmatazz, someone had to say something to at least try and stop the rampant ignorance in these forums.