Toon-life: Live the toons life..

Looks good Yodaz! Very creative, and different. I like that. Who's da man? Yodaz da man! Keep up the good work. :cheers:
thats gonna be some wacky stuff :D

dont forget daffy duck and a acme anvil ;)
I'll play it, as long as you got lot anvil's and safe's to drop on people. And If I can get some of those bitchin Acme products!

Oh, I see somebody already said "Acme" and "Anvil" before me. Dang, too slow.

The Punisher
Sounds good, Yodaz. What type of characters do you have planned to be in the mod?
To keep ourselves away from the court, there will be all original characters (one don´t want to get sued :) ).

However, we will do our best to get the right feeling so I doubt you will be disappointed.
It's a gr8 idea,
you know I like it.

The workout will be nice , real comic style :)
It is a good idea. I love Warner Brothers stuff, i think that would be fun. Variety would keep it interesting. There is a lot of stuff that could be done.

If you picture it like walking into toon town in Roger Rabbit, texturing would be one of the easiest!
OMG yeah!... I love the loonytunes style. Great ideah. this will be a kickass mod just like some others that ere posted in this forum. Great idea's!