Urban Chaos :: A Half-Life 2 Modification


Jun 2, 2003
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Domestic Dispute :: A Half-Life 2 Modification


Urban Chaos is a revolutionary new mod for Half-Life 2. The mod is set in present day time around various areas of Trinity City. The mod is currently in the planning stages since the Official Half-Life 2 game hasn't been released. All that can be confirmed is that the classes consist of Gangs, SWAT, and Police.

Website: http://ddmod.com
IRC Channel: irc://irc.gamesnet.net/ddmod
Vote 4 Us: http://www.moddb.com/in.php?ts=1075
Well that's the info of the mod, I was wondering if anyone around here has any input they would like to give the mod about weapons, vehicles, and other ideas.
thankyou, we were currently for BF1942 however the HL2 source engine seems to fit us alot more for wat we want to do. If anyone is interested in helping us out please email me, however if you would like to contribute thoughts please post them in here for that is what the thread is for :)
becareful about changeing engines. you might violate the top 10 mod rules. :/
ok, well....stay on BF1942 with crappy physics for a mod like us.

....or goto an engine built for us, its not really violating a rule if we are better off with another engine
Top 10 mod rules are a joke dude. Go with the tech that you'd benefit most from.
Theres already a retail game called "Urban Chaos", but it dont really matter right ?
Originally posted by Stitch
Top 10 mod rules are a joke dude. Go with the tech that you'd benefit most from.

ya i knew that, its in this forums

...and no the game shouldn't hurt us, since there is no copyright on the name, although i came up with the name originally never knowing about the game after alittle while after making the name:cheers:
There's also a multiplayer Q3 mod called Urban Terror....

You may want to come up with an more orginial name to avoid lawsuits.