Vampire: Bloodlines preview

I seen the trailer the other day. The graphics of course is really good 'cause of the Source engine. Not really a game on my "looking forward to" list, but I'd like to see what stuff they plan do with Source.

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Whats hl2?
Seriously? You don't know?
Looks like a nice FPS action/RPG hybrid that is heavy on both. With multiple story-lines and lots of cool vampire attacks. This will be on my list for sure (after HL2).
is it just me, or is the scale on that street screenshot f'ed up? the people are like nine or ten feet tall.

looks good otherwise. i want a gameplay video :p
isnt this old news? I saw bloodlines before I saw hl2 (before e3 even)
IGN has a video with gameplay footage.. not much but its cool.

search for it at
or hell just saw fileplanet is hosting it now too. unless this is a new vid, I dont know why it took them so long to host it.