what do you guys thought when...



you all saw first time G-man ?????

Oh well, i started shooting like a mad to him but...what the hell he wasnt dying :p but later i thought, oh ok ok that must be a important part of the game, ok ill wait and see what happens :p but i was surprised at the end of the game that g-man was important character for the game.

p.d sorry my english s0x
lol, I was a little creeped out the first time I saw him. It was scientist, scientist, scientist, and suddenly a weird guy in blue! :p
I tried to shoot him every time I saw him. That guy ain't human I tell ya!!!
heheh maybe in hl2 we will know who really is gman. human, alien...maybe gordons father ! :cheers:
haha i used to try and shoot him all the time, unload a full mp5 clip and about 5 grens (the sound they made was well cool!) and he just strolled on........bastard
Even if you cheat ya can't kill the guy: he actually is set to react like metal rather than human.
cause thats a script right ? well in hl2 there arent any scripts all in real time !!!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
No death sequence was ever scripted for the G-Man (i.e the "fall down and groan a lot" sequence that runs when a character reaches zero health). The G-Man cannot be injured either (he has no damage modeling). Hence, no mater how hard you try, you can't kill him. You can't get near him really (unless you cheat or stick him in a map yourself) so these aspects were never coded.

Incidentally, there are several models in the Half-Life SDK that were never completed. If you play the single player mod "darkstar" you can see several of these 'unfinished' aliens. Most of them have no death sequences (if you kill them they just freeze), no AI, and some have no clipping properties (i.e. you can walk right through them). Many mappers have used them, you just have to put them behind glass so the player can't get to them. Some of the unfinished models were later completed by modders - the orange suited maintainance men seen in several mods are a good example. Incidentally there is a model of Gordon in the SDK...unfortunately it has no AI. Thumbs up to Valve for releasing all their unfinished work for others to play with.
I started shoot at him.. it's rarley normal with my reaction :]
You were shooting him ? i dont think you had a gun by the first tim you saw him :cool:
I remember that 1st time i only had the crowbar and the gun.
geek i think we all reacted like that, but forget how we reacted and just a question, what relation with the game you guys thought that Gman could have when you first time saw him ?

i said "oh a well dressed man here running around with all this problem around me? what the hell is doing here?"

never thought that he will be at the end of the game :p.
I didn't care that much back then because I was like 9 years old.
This thread is prerelease of HL2. I don't think it can be accounted for anymore.
I feel like people search random terms and pick a random thread.
First time I saw him I was on the train ... and I yell at him: GET ME OUT OF THIS TRAIN!!!!!!
first time i saw him was so long ago i forgot it. talk about Necroed.