What's Monday?For HL2?


Jul 2, 2003
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::Topic::What's going down on Monday are they going to show us something for Half-Life 2 because I wasent here when they discussed it......Thanks!!!!!!.
Good quality (direct feed) of an E3 video.
Is it going to be out for the public or do we need a certain program or software to get it?!?!?.
Arent those new films with the wrench getting stuck in a big machine and some other video?
Search for steam download v2.0 on Google, go to the .ro link, and download from gamershell.

And :>~, He just said the E3 video.
So all we need is steam and nothing special about it...and at what time monday?
Not sure, I think the work day at valve is like 9 to 5, the typical one. I'm guessing anywhere from then, PST (Pacific Standard Time).
Are there any other hl2 videos on there beside the one they come out with monday?

Also Gojin get looking for that picture i found yours lol

Also when it comes out where do i view it at?
You dont NEED steam but you will get it first if you have steam.

I am sure that someone will have the videos somewhere on the internet so you can get them withought steam.