Will Half Life 2 end up using the Havok 2's partial ragdoll effect? (AMAZING video)




Scroll down a little and check out all three of the videos. When you hit the enemies and DON'T kill them they are still effected by the force. It's amazing and would make hitting the zombies with the crowbar look great.

Since the E3 vid was an old build and the source engine uses the havok physics I don't see why they wouldn't use this technology.

Check out the vids, be amazed, and tell me what you think.
Please search around first, this has been mentioned numerous times and yes Half-Life 2 is using the partial ragdoll effect, except it's heavily, heavily modified.
"yes Half-Life 2 is using the partial ragdoll effect, except it's heavily, heavily modified."

How do you know hl2 is using the partial ragdoll effect? has it been officially stated or is this just your opinion? And by "heavily modified" what do you mean by that?
Personally I think the Havok effects are only good as "ragdolls". The skeleton falls through the air like he is a feather and slides across the ground like he is greased. The bodies have no mass no friction. In the zombie movie they are flopping all over the place and would only look right if portraying zombies--aka the already dead. Every bullet makes the bodies roll and slide like someone is pushing them around.

Hopefully they tweaked it considerably.
Im sure enemies _will_ be affected by physics even when before you kill them. Dunno how ragdollish they will act when smacked around with crowbar, tho.
well the only way we will find out is by going upto corpses in the game an kicking the crap out of them, which i usually do anyway!! :cheese:
"And by "heavily modified" what do you mean by that?"

Go read some interviews and you will find out.
As I said in the other thread, I hope they eventually find a way to combine ragdoll effects with interesting and informative death animations. The body is still ragdolled (and maybe a little less jello-like) but also there are individual bits of it that retain partially directed movement. Some death quivering would be good too, or some small, slow movements, ending in a total collapse.

The striders, apparently, have walk animations that automatically adjust to the needs of the terrain (i.e., they walk in a set way, but this way is altered so that the legs don't bend as much when they hit higher ground) So it's certainly possible to combine physics and some sort of "higher order" animation template.

You can always mail Valve your suggestions, though there is less and less time left till they stick a fork in things. :)
"Go read some interviews and you will find out."

I've read interviews and haven't read anything about that.

Care to point me to one and not be such an ass?