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Munro, can you, or if you already have, tell me how the site is going to be layed out? Are you using a PHP, or a ASP script, or are you doing it from scrap?
The site will have a complete PHP content mangement system built from scratch by our coders.
Doesn't this just make you WANT the game now.. It brings back the memories of the all-nighters, trying to beat the different levels of HalfLife1, that at the time i called "impossible". Yet my life boring to some, will continue with yet ANOTHER great game on September 29th. (29th because i will be sleeping in the mall parking lot)

pffft at waiting outside in the cold.

My copy will be handed to me by the postie on the 29th (thanks to the pre-order company sending them a day early) that is of course if I don't manage to get one before then for a review :)
Well I haven't yet as they aren't displaying it but the site is
how do you go about getting one for review.. I know it would be you that gets it, because you have the domain, that everyone will be going to for info and all, but who are you gonna talk to, and is it the full game to review?
Err... Umm... If Valve happens to read this I would like to let them know that I am the owner of a very large company that attracts many people a day and if given a copy of HL2 I would umm... review it for them thus attracting more people to your game... yeah...

Also, How many posts do i need to get this "Head Crab" off. I want it to say.... hmm.. Forum King..! lol.. Anyway, what is the post limit to where i can make it w.e. i want?
you need to add more hacks to this board. it's pretty empty of features compared to most other ones i visit.

also, you should make a Half-Life Mods forum.
If you want a custom thing under your name you have to ask the moderator. I think it'll change at 25, not sure... While we're on the subject, any chance you could change mine to Bimmerman?:cool:
Hmm i need 5 more posts, here is one of them.. Lets see if i can go find some interesting topics.
ha ha... Whats the best you can be ? Gordon ? Crowbar ? he he
Originally posted by SilentKilla
(29th because i will be sleeping in the mall parking lot)

Lol, roger that! I'm going to be there, and then after I get my copy, I'm going over to Valve's HQ (it's like 15 min bike ride away from where I'll be staying) and yell THANK YOU! :E
Oh, and Kyle, I suppose your thing about "maybe it's 50" is about messages needed to change your "status?" I'm guessing that it is 30, since I'm on another forum that is 99% exactly like this one, and that's what is needed there. :cheers:
Yup. But like I said, that was for a different board, so I don't know if that is an option that can be set specially.
Cons Himself said:
gunna get closed

LOL, spam.

Does anyone else find these old threads kind of amusing. LoL, they were talking about the september release date. :|
Wow i loaded up this thread and was wondering wth are they talking about :/