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    Did you like it? I gotta say, I was a little let down by it. Preferred Godzilla 2014. And I only recently saw Skull Island, but it's pretty sweet, I think it's actually my favorite of the three.
  2. Sheepo Reunion Gaming day/night?

    Is the above link supposed to be the not-quite-dot-net discord? Because it doesn't work for me. Please invite me to your cool internet party, I promise not to ruin it. I'm sure this will get a timely response.
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    Who's about?

    Wow Nyyrk, way to be super unwoke. Get with the times. I have a buddy going through similar. He thinks he may be trans but he's mostly just confused and depressed (legitimately) and has been dealing with a lot of shitty stuff in his life for a while now. Hope you can make sense of it and...
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    Oy! What are you playing?

    Been trying to go through my Steam library and play two games per title letter in my backlog. 1000 Amps - Fantastic little indie puzzle platformer thing. Virtually unheard of, as best as I can tell, which is a pity. 80 Days - Jules Verne travel simulator. Part train schedule optimizer and...
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    no posts in image dump in 2 years

    Oh, we posting dogs? Hell yeah, somebody change the thread title. Buckle up for blur.
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    Ugh, just reminds me of grooveshark, which then reminds me of how much damn music I lost track of when that site went down and how I'll probably never see it again.
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    New RDR gameplay looks f*cking beautiful

    On the bright side, I heard the sequel may well be coming to PC. Whether this is standard PC gaming wishful thinking or actually based on something, I do not know.
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    Who's about?

    Damn, you're gonna make me want to buy stuff. ... Well, according to the site I am outnumbered by 78 robots, so I'd say nobody.
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    US Election: I know this place is dead but...?

    Yeah, I have a lot of doubts about the discriminatory stuff everyone is losing their minds about. I mean, it's possible some things will come to pass, but everyone is on high alert and it would honestly not be very popular. That's why he toned down so many of those ideas in the end anyway. He...
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    US Election: I know this place is dead but...?

    Yeah, I think Krrrrrn is right, in that it doesn't make a ton of sense, but there is a kind of logic to it. Basically, comparing Clinton and Trump is like comparing establishment apples and establishment oranges. Clinton is a career politicians with ties to Wall Street and lobbyists and...
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    US Election: I know this place is dead but...?

    I agree with your general point Koyrn, but I think you're overestimating the Trump "base". I think one of the things that won't be discussed in regards to this election, because it takes a remarkable result and makes it dull, is just how typical the election ended up being for the most part...
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    US Election: I know this place is dead but...?

    Polls had Hillary with just enough of a lead that a slight Trump victory fell just within the limits of a not unorthodox systemic polling error. Most models underestimated this because the polling error range can go either way, so an unexpectedly huge Hillary landslide was also feasible, plus...
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    have you ever thought about suicide

    Joking about suicide is a real power play, because no matter how unlikely it is, no one will risk assuming it's a joke. I think I can have my cake and eat it too. Live on:
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    no posts in image dump in 2 years

    Yeah, I do agree that it's a pretty annoying and super prevalent thing in rap. I'd recommend keeping an open mind though, because while most of it may be just audio chest puffing, there's definitely rappers out there with some really interesting songs and things to say if you can just get past...
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    no posts in image dump in 2 years

    Agreed on all non-Astro points. I definitely had some posts I felt bad about, and far more I would cringe at. I think somewhere between total anonymity and real social circles is the optimum place for a strange honest and caring community. I initially reacted the same way to Cut the Body...