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May 14, 2003
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Scroll down to the bottom, there should be a link saying "CLICK HERE TO SEE EARLIER VIDEO CLIPS"

These guns are quite scary, someone model them for HL2!
Your welcome for the link Murray :p jk, hehe. I want that in TF2 :(
i saw this on UK Tv a fiew years back. Bullts are ste off by some sort of electrical charge nano seconds after each other this is why you get such a high round per minuet count.
Not like most conventional weapons were the bullet uses a primer. This is not the case :)
Yeah, saw this a while ago. The thing that interests me the most is the pistol - I'd love to see that fire!
christ!, now thats what I call a knoife, urm...I mean gun :p
STONE: thats not a gun, this is a gun
SIMMO2K3: no, thats a spoon
STONE: Arg, I see you've played Gunny Spoony before then

right now on topic..

/me drools on keyboard..

Yer, I think i saw it on TV too, but my memory fails me in my ancient years...

could be fun ingame :p
you can see it fire....but there is no high speed vid. of it so it's quite hard to tell the difference between this gun and a normal handgun.