500 MB video from Gamespy



Some one has got the 500 MB video showing of some ingame footage???
Yep, I got it, it's very good. Has a few minutes of footage not available anywhere else (like the zombies being chopped up and set alight).
Hmm only a few new minutes......can some1 who has got it cut out these few new minutes and make it into a smaller download?
Can you host the video, or is there an other possibility to get this one???
I can't host it, but if someone else can i'll send it to them.

Yes theres only a few new minutes of new footage, but the entire thing is in the highest resoloution yet.
You can upload it on my server. I could host it for everybody here who wants it.

Do you got ICQ or IRC?
I made a 14.2 MB divx of the zombie parts, out of the IGN clips, not the gamespy.

The thing about the 500MB is the quality it's suppose to have. (the one i downloaded was corrupt)
Originally posted by CgMonkey
You can upload it on my server. I could host it for everybody here who wants it.

Do you got ICQ or IRC?

IRC - Meet you on Halflife2.net's channel, if you want it.
I wonder how damn long it takes to kill a strider heh.
patience...someone kind person will upload it somewhere :)
It's a weekend, I value my time on weekends. Oh well, I'll just impatiently wait:bounce:
Well.. if I had a website I would upload it.. but I dont.. anyone wanna host for me?
I MIGHT be able to.. my current host has only 50mb limit, but I've got connections with ModPages.com -- they might be able to host.

Also, talk to the HL2.net and City17 lads about it.
I have a website, I would upload it if I didn't have a 1GB cap on my bandwidth limit.
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Can someone just describe what it shows?

High resoloution version of most of the videos floating around on the web.

Extra footage -

Following on from the second video where Gordon kills a bunch of Combines using Booby Traps on a rooftop, Gordon pushes a barrel down the stairs, runs down after it, jumps over the barrel and onto a lower section, it's dimly lit and quite atmospheric.

A lone zombie staggers towards Gordon, who gets out his Shotgun and blasts the zombie in the upper leg twice. The Zombie falls over and the headcrab jumps off it towards Gordon, only to be smacked by his Crowbar (and there is a blood mark on the headcrab where it was struck).

Now, Gordon walks forward and notices a rusty propeller like object, he walks into it and it realisticly swings clockwise, then anti-clockwise, having caught a breeze (it was stationary untill Gordon touched it), untill it stops.

Next, Gordon goes north towards a raised path, notices a Zombie walking down it, and shoots it a few times with the Pistol. Then, Gordon steps backwards and notices a horde (3-5) of Zombies coming out of a dark alley, one of them [Kicks/Throws] a rusty barrel towards Gordon, which he easily dodges.

Gordon walks back towards the rusty propeller and a few Zombies follow, Gordon pushes a switch and ducks, and the propeller spins around very quickly, chopping two Zombies in half.

Three Zombies walked towards the barrel thrown earlier, but Gordon shoots the barrel (or something close to it) and it explodes, blowing another in two pieces, the top half claws it's way towards Gordon, fitting neatly under the spinning propeller, and begins to attack him.

Gordon whacks it with a crowbar a few times, then focuses his attention to an old car, with some Zombies close to it. He shoots a box (not sure what it is exactly) which explodes, igniting some spilled petrol (probably) around the car, causing it to explode, a wheel, on fire, bounces/rolls past and crashes into a wall, lovely fire lights up the scene, and two unlucky Zombies become incinerated, burning up slowly.
my antipation has grown to get this movie now :) lol....can someone with the right skills rip that part out if the movie ? and save it as a separate .mov ? and upload it or summin ?
More new footage -

Following on from the video showing a pier type place, with (ravens?) flying around, and a dead Zombie slouched against a wooden post, Gordon walks along a rotten and broken pier, picking up a crowbar as he goes, a bloody Zombie picks itself up off the floor and advances on him, only to be smacked about with the crowbar, it's worth noting that the Zombie's attack rate is alot faster than the original HL, and it's able to get 1 or 2 hits in on Gordon before the headcrab suffers severe trauma, loses control of the Zombie, and both crash realistically into the murky water below, they desend slightly into the water, before floating back up to the top.

Meanwhile, as far as I can tell, the Zombie slouched against the wooden post at the beginning, apparantly wasn't dead, and snunk up on Gordon, hitting him in the back, Gordon turns quickly and trys to get in a few crowbar hits, but to no avail, as the Zombie does his double claw attack, and Gordon flies backwards into the water.
This movie was totally ownage!
I thought the game would be good, but not this good..
The movie made me preorder the game.
Hope the game will be as good as the movie states.

*Waiting for release*
Originally posted by Ender
;( come on hl2.net admins.. gimme a sign :)

If we had better hosting then I would upload all the movies for you but I can't :/
Modem users want the love: any way to cut out only the good, new parts (the G-Man, the headcrab battles, the pier, etc.) and release them as separate, smaller movies?
Which IRC server would that be for? I know it isn't Gamesnet which is what I use.
Quakenet. Also, a guy on the dod.net forums is putting it up on his tripod site.
Thank god for BitTorrent, I just can't download the original file.
okay - I installed bitTorrent - but the link seems to be dead....

Bittorrent linki

Maximum respect to the people chasing, and hosting, the links to HL2.

I'm waiting for this baby - it really must be a sore wound that ID has with HL2 being launched same year as Doom3 :)

Madagascan - That bittorrent link is dead - the dns entry for frogfood.dyndns.org points to a LAN address - not something internet mappable - what gives?

Anyone else got a decent bittorrent link for this 500MB net killer?

(BTW gotta say that the physics in HL2 possibly is the most advanced physics engine I've ever seen in a retail game - this is something the academic community have trouble re-producing :)

Milky Milky
I recommend going to the Quakenet IRC channel #hl2movies and there you will find an ftp link where you can download a segment of just the 2 clips that were missing in the original 8. You won't have to download the huge one if you already have those 8.
Cool - somebody made a movie of the two missing pieces - perfect!!!

Now....could somebody host that movie for those of us unable to use IRC....please...