72 more hl2 screens

You could have saved your time and ours and not bothered with the index.
Yeah i clicked it it got some of them done then i got alot of red x's.
I love it

saw a movie of in-game play and it looks awesome - the world interaction is amazing...

move desks to block doors
rolling barrels

it looks the nuts

What's that XPS doin there ? Ur gonna tell me it's running on that little piece of HW ? I was thinkin more of a cluster of 20 SGI Onyx' to run that fecking unbelievable beautiful game ?!?
Seriously ? Just a XPS ??
Wow, I saw the first shot, then scrolled down to look at the second one, and for a second mistook it for a real life shot as well.

I mean, not that the content of it is realistic, but it certainly looks that way....