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Jul 1, 2003
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I guess this has been asked 1000 times before but i dont know the answer so here it goes.

How dependant will half-life 2 and its mods be on Steam?

Will i be able to download patches through normal channels
Will i be able to find servers through external programs like all seeing eye

Iv been useing it for CS1.6 beta and while im shure alot of the problems will be fixed theres no way i would risk half-life 2 on that asumption.
Steam is an option, an alternative, not a must.... ktnxbye ;)
You will be able to use Steam to buy Half-Life 2 and download updates automatically for it. Any supported mods will also be available on it.

You can still buy Half-Life 2 from a game store and use a server browser such as ASE or Gamespy etc. You will still be able to download patches as .exe files from the official site and its many mirrors. Basically its just the same as it is now but with Steam as another way of doing it.
Pay for Steam? what? Pay for the Sofware, the use of it or the games,mods? just curious...
Originally posted by Tull91
Pay for Steam? what? Pay for the Sofware, the use of it or the games,mods? just curious...

Steam the program, will cost $0
But to be able to download software u need to pay some...
diffrent sums for diffrent software
Yup you can buy the game form Steam, Then download it from there.

Keep the update this game on all the time in the steam options, And you get patches downloaded to you through the day and night, As long as you keep the PC on all the time :)
Munro please move this thread to the steam forum..
what's the deal with downloading it? I want the damn box when buying a game. That's like the only reason you buy the bloody thing ;)
Well Tamora, if you want it fast. For example, yesterday I downloaded HL 1 using steam, took me 1-2 mins, plus while playing I could chat with my Steam friends.
I own HL and CS retail but i just tried Steam to see what all the fuss was about.. it's great and it downloads the games at amazing speed, but who knows if it will still do the same once a much anticipated game like HL2 is out and everyone is downloading it. The biggest disappointment I dislike is the occasional downloading of info which sometimes pauses the game for a second or 2 while playing and the occasional long loads between levels in the original HL. Is Steam the next big thing, maybe, will it be better then retail games, not likely. It's more of a hassle free way of getting the games you want without having to insert a cd and downloading patches all the time, which I am used to anyways. So unless your a noob at gaming, Steam really isn't that great, but if you like your games on demand and want them patched without having to wait for an hour at Fileplanet (probably longer for a game of this calibur), then for sure, use Steam.
either way you HAVE to use steam when HL2 comes out..It comes with half life2
Listen, the new Half-Life patch for HL1 will give us the Steam interface, just like DoD 1.0 Retail has. You will have to use Steam to play HL2 I'm guessing just because Steam will be out of Beta and won't be as buggy as it is now. I'm also guessing that HL2's interface will be like any other Steam game. I don't see how Steam without bugs could be a burden. You can still enter IP's manually.
did you guys know that they're coming out with liquid BETA version? it's like steam but it'll be liquid.