A Bug?


Jun 1, 2003
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Hi all! I'm new to these forums. I decided to join up because I think maybe I have found a little bug. I searched some threads but I cound't find anyone else noticing it.

Anywayz, in the HL2 movie i got form fileplanet, at 18:26 (the scene with the player driving that buggy), I noticed that the flashes from the bullets that hover-flying-thingy is shooting at you is visible thrue the tires! Its better noticable at 18:38 when you can see the flashen right thrue the tank.

Anyone else noticed it?

Not that I am eager to critisize HL2, cause i'm just THRILLED about it! (haven't been this excited about a game in a looong time)

Gabe Newell personally said it's fixed for the full game.
Hmmm thats comforting to know =)
Sorry for creating a new thread then.

Thats cool...I'm also new here (greetings btw :)) so don't feel bad...my first post was regarding how to play the hl2 tech demo mock up map :p. Anyways I never even noticed that, but it's nice to know that valve is watching for imperfections, as minor as they may be. :) :cheers:
Boy, you guys do like to exaggerate. Newell said that it's on the list of issues (to be fixed, I assume) not that it is fixed or will be. It's not a huge deal, certainly.