After Life!!



I'm getting the feeling looking at the Halflife 2 videos that once I have played the game, no other game will even come close for pure gaming heaven. Apart from doom 3 maybe. I forsee a lull in games of that quality being released for even up to a year after, unless there are currently games of Halflife's standards being developed right now.]

I hope that the release of this game kick starts other game developers to strive for excellence in the release of their future tittles ...

Anyone know of any other FPS games being released in the forthcoming months that might even compair to Halflife 2??
I know I keep saying this, but Stalker might be in for a shot with HL2, but stalker dosent get the attention it needs, anyways hl2 will still win :p
What is Stalker and where can I find info on it? I have never heard of it:cat:
STALKER looks really good... But I dont think that it can mesure itself with HL2...

Sorry for the spelling misstakes :x
How about Deus Ex 2 or Duke Nukem Forever(if it comes out:flame: )

They might come close but they are a little bit different in the concept. I guess we'll see.
i think HL2 will somewhat change how FPS are when it coems out. yea stalker dose look real good..... though the best game ever was duke nukem 5000
stalker has slightly more realistic graphics but half-life's engine will be far better.