Another wallpaper for you all

It's working now and it's a great wallpaper, i even think it's one of the best ones out there.
Thanks alot.

I went for the less is more concept.
thats such a nice wallpaper
it looks so well finished and pro nice work m8
couple more

Hi I have got a couple more for you.

One is a cleaner version of my first one.
and the second is for those of you who like a bit of color in your lives :)
Cleaner Version
Crazy colour HL2

thanks enjoy!
Nice work Hugo I autually have one of you wallpapers on my desktop as we speak right now!!!!!!Keep up the good work!.
Arggg i lost the photoshop file when my comp crashed lastnight .I had to dl my own Wallpapers from here :(
i like the crazy colors one, if only the lambda simble showed a bit more it would kickass